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Kind of ironic I’m chatting up bras as I’ve been very vocal about the fact that, well, my girls are a tad lackluster. That’ll happen to a gal that has breastfed any baby, let alone 3 like myself. I’ve always wanted (read: needed desperately) a professional bra fitting and had the opportunity to do so several weeks ago with Wacoal. One word—G A M E C H A N G E R.

Let me preface this with a huge shout-out to my Wacoal bra fit specialist Abby at Von Maur…poor gal had to see me in all my glory but she was a true professional and so dang informative. Before I share which bras I snagged, let me briefly touch upon what was most eye opening:

  1. Most of us gals are wearing the wrong sized bra. Case in point, me. I would’ve sworn 8 ways to Sunday I was a 34A, but alas, I’m a 32C. If you go up a cup size, you must go down in a band size. Who knew? Not me, clearly.
  1. It’s also common that most women have one breast that is larger than the other. Many theories as to why, but you want to accommodate the larger one when choosing your bra size. #teamlefty
  1. NEVER let your intimates have a free for all in the washer or dryer. Thankfully, Abby sent me home with a lingerie laundry satchel so my new Wacoal bra beauties will be in good hands!
  1. Finding a strapless bra is THE HARDEST intimate for me (and many) to shop for. I can honestly say in my 25+ years of wearing bras, I’ve NEVER had a good strapless. That is until now. #thankyouwacoal

With all this in mind, let’s hop right into the Wacoal bra lovelies I chose.

Hands down my absolute favorite (and one of Wacoal’s top sellers) was the Ultimate Side Smoother. It answered my T-shirt bra prayers WHILE smoothing out my back chub. It is SO DANG COMFY and gives a very natural shape and lift which fits my bra criteria as well.

This one is a winner, gang, I can promise you that! I ended up snagging the Red Carpet Strapless Full Busted Underwire Bra in Black and the Amazing Assets Back Smoothing Strapless Push Up Bra in Sand because like I said, Number 4. I figured while I had a professional alongside me, no better time to get down to brass tacks and FINALLY find a good strapless. Gang, these are all the praise hands. Doesn’t move, lifts, comfy, natural shape, convertible….all the things I look for in a strapless! And let’s be honest, we are in the season of strapless with the warmer temps, easy breezy dresses, etc….it was definitely high time for me to step up my strapless game.

Lastly, I wanted a pretty bra with a little extra pizazz and the Lace Affair T-Shirt Bra was perfect. Still über comfy and a natural shaper, this one has dainty lace detail which is just what I was looking for.

I’m definitely guilty of stepping up my spring wardrobe every year and forgetting about the foundation—INTIMATES!! Thanks to Wacoal, I’m stepping into spring with more pep (and perk) in my step!! Thanks to the Wacoal team (I mean you Abby)—y’all were such a treat!

This post was sponsored by Wacoal but per usual, all of the opinions expressed herein are my very own!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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