The Westgate Resorts Disney World Deal

Westgate Town Center

Today, gang, we are coming in hot with an amazing opportunity to travel to Orlando and visit Westgate Resorts Disney World for a steal of a deal–no joke! While this is not your standard s + s post, I ain’t gonna lie…this one excites me just as much, if not more, as these White Jeans (no really, how sick and tired are y’all of these damn jeans)?   I digress, but let’s get to the nuts and bolts of this wonderful opportunity with Westgate Resorts Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  I’ve traveled to several Westgate properties in the past (Orlando, South Beach, Park City, and Gatlinburg) and had a fantastic experience so when I was presented with this opportunity to share with y’all, I was all “Where do I sign?”   They have since MAJORLY revamped this particular property with upgrades and amenities galore and considering most of us are almost out of school, the timing just couldn’t be more perfect!  My best friend travels to the properties regularly with her 3 kiddos and can’t say enough amazing things about it because, let’s not kid ourselves,  a trip to 4 Seasons in Bora Bora would be spectacular, but not so much with a gaggle of kiddos.  Let me spell it out:

Westgate Resorts Disney World Deal Details:

For $399, you and your fam will enjoy a:

4 day/3 night stay at a Westgate one bedroom Villa

TWO complimentary ADULT TICKETS to Disney World ($280 Value)

TWO Waterpark TIX on the Westgate Property ($30 Value)

Free Transportation to Disney

VIP Card

Westgate requests we travel from NOW thru JUNE 15th to take advantage of the $399 price point as well as tour the property to get a lay of the land and see all of the amenities and all the property has to offer–takes approx 90mins.  I’ve done this before and thoroughly enjoyed because, well, Instagram content : )  and quite frankly, I love seeing all that the place has to offer.  So let’s do a little math, shall we?  Dare I say, you’re basically getting a fam getaway for $40/night?  Let’s take ($399-$280 in Disney Tix you’re saving)/3=FORTY BONES.  No worries if you need to add on tickets, size of villa, number of days, or even travel outside of the deeply discounted time frame, etc…you can totally customize your trip and do so by clicking on this link and calling the number included–you’ll still get s + s discounted rates.    If you have ANY QUESTIONS, Westgate requests that you email their PR FIRM who is working directly with s + s readers–!  I know the gal who is handling the s + s inquiries and she’s top notch!  A couple of other pointers just having grown up in Florida and traveled to Disney quite a bit….the timing of now thru June 15th is aces because it’s not BRUTALLY HOT like it will be in July, Aug, Sept AND not all the northerners are out of school so the parks won’t be crazy crowded…just my two cents but worth mentioning!  Alright, gang, I’m super stoked because I believe this will be the first of many traveling opportunities with Westgate and there are incredible properties all over the US!!  Stay tuned and be sure to email the above address with any questions!  Make it a great one–ps:  including what I’d wear to the park below because, well, it’s what I do!

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