Dads Love His Lids Hat

Dad’s Lids Hat // Mom’s Tee // Baby Tee

It’s not often I’m able to get this guy in front of the camera, but in honor of Father’s Day, there’s no better time to have his handsome mug on the blog!  When Johnny’s not working, he loves to keep it casual yet still pulled together.  He’s a guy after my own heart, because like his wife, he loves a good casually polished look with some sneaks.  And he knows I LOVE him in a HAT—I mean L O V E….it’s one of my favorite accessories on him which is why I snagged him a Lids Hat  from Macy’s featuring his alma mater #gohoosiers.   The Lids line at Macy’s has a H U G E selection of teams and I just couldn’t resist grabbing a little Seminole flavor for myself and the BABE (I took one for the team #nopun and got Calvin Hoosier goodies, too).  Quite possibly the best sports selection I’ve ever seen (I snagged this IU, FSU, and FSU), Lids at Macy’s no doubt has something for that special guy in your life.

Awesome sportswear aside, I want send a special little shoutout to our main squeeze, el padre, daddy’o, aka man of the house in honor of Father’s Day.  Johnny, your devotion and dedication to our family is beyond admirable my love.  You’re hands down the most selfless, kind, committed, driven, and caring man I’ve ever met and we are so very blessed you’re all ours.  You crack me up on the daily, are my biggest cheerleader, put our needs before your own, and cherish your wife and children like nobody’s biz…..character and integrity for days my love—not to mention,  you’re awfully easy on the eyes.  We love you so very much, Johnny…thank you for giving me not ONE but TWO of the best days of my life.  Here’s to wishing you, my own amazing dad, and all the fathers near and far a most wonderful Father’s Day.  Ladies, do your fella a favor and snag him some fun garb from Lids at Macy’s….I’m pretty certain it’ll make his Dad’s Day!  Y’all have a great start to your weekend, make it a great one!

This post was sponsored by Macy’s and Shopstyle. Per usual, all opinions expressed herein
are my very own.

Photos courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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