Bunk Room Ideas

Rug // Garland // Flamingo Sheets // Llama Sheets // Ice Cream Sheets // Mermaid Sheets // Mermaid Pillow // Stripe Bedding // Orange Bag // Camo Bag // Blue Camo Bag // Navy Bag

Bunk Room Ideas:

A Bright and Cheery spot for our Bright and Bubbly Gal!  We’re chatting up bunk room ideas today and how this space makes the entire fam happy….most importantly Roo!  With all the decisions we made while designing our home, one was certain….Campbell wanted a Bunk Room.  And mom wanted said room to have shiplap and a beam for a little rustic charm.  Christopher Scott Homes once again delivered with a space that is equal parts charming and fit for our slumber party loving gal!  Speaking of Slumber Parties…if in need of THE PERFECT overnight, road trip, carry on, slumber party BAG…our MZ WALLACE totes are IT.  We brought the whole kit n kaboodle on our road trip to Colorado and not only did they fit ALL the things for the fam, they were nice and compact in the trunk……and they’re so dang cute so it’s a win all the way around!  Not pictured is the Camo Backpack I sport on the regular and this fanny pack slash belt bag I wore the other day!  Truly the hippest and most functional bags our fam owns!

Regarding the design of Campbell’s room, we sorta lucked out since there’s so many built ins (bunks, drawers in bunks, a desk, desk shelves, closet built ins) she really didn’t need any furniture.  We also opted to add in a full size bed on the right bottom bunk and the remaining three beds are twins.   I wanted to keep the space “clean” if you will but add some elements of cheer with a fun rug, colorful (and affordable) bedding that reflects her personality (each bed has a theme be it Flamingo, Mermaid, Llama, or Ice Cream), garland, and some artwork from Thimblepress and Minted (not pictured is this Abstract print in her entryway).  And just to elaborate on the bedding, while I searched everywhere known to man, it’s a little salty outfitting four beds…especially when I know she’s a few years away from Tweendome and we’ll probably switch it up once those days arrive.  Let me just say #TargetDoesitAgain….not only was the price right on her Sheets and Quilts, but quite honestly, this prints, colors, and designs trumped the higher end sites I scoured!!

Alright, gang, I hope you enjoyed these bunk room ideas.  We still have her loft area to tweak (not pictured) and I’m on a mad hunt for the perfect console table for her entry way…stay tuned as I’ll style those areas in the near future!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend…cheers to your Monday, Gang!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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