Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Lighting // Mirrors // Rug // Bathroom Fixtures // Tile Sourced from Rowland Design // Bath Caddy //  Cabinet Design Chateau Kitchens

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom:

Quite excited to share one of our absolute favorite spaces in our home…the modern farmhouse bathroom in our master!  We put a T O N of thought and energy into our modern farmhouse bathroom as we knew we wanted this to feel like our own private spa if you will…and boy does it!!  From our steam shower to the Claw Foot tub we refinished from the original house on our property, it’s a place John and I thoroughly enjoy D A I L Y .  Probably our FAVORITE component is what coulda shoulda woulda been our linen closet…..but who needs a ton of storage for towels when you can have a WINE COOLER–hot damn?!?  I knew when we were planning it was going to be an ever loving B I T * H to go up and down the stairs in the middle of the night to make bottles……therefore, it was key we had a place for Reverse Osmosis H20 and a bottle making “station” (there’s a microwave in the cabinets)…then we thought, well hells, let’s just go for the gusto and have a little space to house some vino!!  We love that once we put the critters to bed, we don’t need to leave our bedroom!!

In regards to the design, we had several different iterations before we chose this particular one.  We knew we wanted clean, inviting, and serene, we knew we wanted brass fixtures, but we also knew we NEEDED a little bit of personality…I didn’t just want to go full on marble or white (that was our initial design but it just didn’t feel like US).  I remember when our designer, Ashley Bedwell from Rowland Designs, had this tile laying on her workspace and said, “I know y’all wanted funky, well…how about this hexagonal tile?” John and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love and the rest fell beautifully into place (sidenote, find a designer that gets Y O U…understands your aesthetic, knows your personality, gets your vibe—it’s a huge component to the success of your project).  We built our home with Christopher Scott Homes and when I tell you they work with an amazing team–man do they ever.  No offense to the handful of people we worked with as they were all top notch, but we were simply blown away by Shannon from Chateau Kitchens…she helped design our Kitchen, Basement Kitchen, and Master Bath cabinetry and she is INCREDIBLE.  John and I absolutely loved working with her on every element of our home.  And just to give you a better vision of the space,  there’s a black barn door that separates our bedroom from the bathroom and then my closet is right beyond the vanity.

Alright, gang, please feel free to ask me any questions in regards to this modern farmhouse bathroom…we just love it so and I’m so thankful I get to share it with y’all!!  Your response to our crib has been wonderful and I’m truly so appreciative…..stay tuned as I roll out more spaces this week!  Make it a great one, gang!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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