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Tee // Jeans // Sneaks // Specs

Glass Canisters // Canned Goods Shelving // Cereal Bins //  White Baskets 

Kitchen Design Chateau Kitchens // Cabinet Paint Night Owl

Look when you’re married to a gal whose job is dealing clothes all day errrday, it would make sense that an extra coat closet would be in order, right?  But what about when same gal has a major obsession with cooking and all things Trader Joe’s, Costco, and the like?  A bit of a conundrum wouldn’t you say?  Well, we made a game time decision to forgo the extra coat closet and turn that little slice into a PANTRY….and hot damn, thank goodness we did!  Turns out not only do I hoard shoes, but I also hoard TJ’s Sriracha Ranch, Spicy Pickles, Waterloo, and Salsa Verde.  Who knew?  Sidenote:  if you’d like to see other TJ’s goodies I hoard…be sure to check out my Trader Joe’s Haul.

I knew after Maria Baer worked her magic on my CLOSET, I wanted her happy little hands to work similar magic in my kitchen.  And with The Baer Minimalist’s expertise and some fun finds from the Container Store,  we were able to transform my kitchen into a fabulously functional space with these pantry organization ideas.  There’s order, there’s uniformity, there’s a JUNK FOOD DRAWER #crucial, there’s candy jars, labels, endless storage for my staples….I simply couldn’t be happier with the end result.  And bonus, it’s totally kid friendly so the girls know where EVERYTHING is!!   What I love about The Baer Minimalist is she takes a full inventory of what you have FIRST, and then decides what pieces we need to add for an optimal space.  She also consolidates things so you don’t have 7 boxes of LIFE cereal….she’s basically a Fairy Godmother that floats through your space and makes it pretty and orderly in the blink of an eye!  Think I can coax her into tackling my t-shirt drawers and jewelry in my closet??

I’d be remiss (and a big jerk) if I didn’t once again give a shoutout to my gal Shannon at Chateau Kitchens.  I’ll be sharing the full kitchen reveal later this week, but you can see a snippet of her fabulousness (how ’bout that drink cooler) above.  She helped bring our kitchen concept to life and we are over the moon with the utility of the space!  We love you, Shannon!

Alright, gang, cheers to the rest of your week!  Make it a great one! Let me know what you think of these pantry organization ideas!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth


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  1. I think I need you to go grocery shopping for me! I am a horrible list maker/grocery shopper/know what the hell to make for dinner kind of person….I would rather hear “mom, wipe me” more than “what should we have for dinner tonight”. Loving the TJ hauls and meal plans. Amazing kitchen!