How to be Confident

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Camo Scarf // Leather Jacket // Denim // Stripe Tee // Grateful // Burgundy Leather Jacket // Sneaks

We’e going to dive a little deep today.  Don’t fret, we’ll definitely hit up these fabulous fall pieces from Evereve, but before we talk about the outside…I want to focus on the inside.  Let’s chat C O N F I D E N C E.  Some may claim that confidence comes from our outwardly appearance, but I beg to differ.  I whole heartedly believe confidence stems from within.  Personally, my confidence has been molded by my life’s experiences.  The nitty gritty stuff.  Adversity, challenges, love, loss, family, children, friends, successes, failures.  The good stuff.  The stuff that makes you look from within, overcome, learn, and grow.  L I F E.  I try to reflect on my past with a Badge of Honor rather than regret or sadness.  I’m proud of where we WERE and how far we’ve COME…no doubt.  Do you ever stop to think that maybe the seasons of challenge are actually preparing you for something greater?  I do.  I always have.  I’ve always felt that God was carrying me through those dark times and teaching me along the way…and building my confidence by showing me that I can handle the tough stuff life throws my way.  That I can be a single mother.  Raise kind, sensitive, thoughtful little girls.  Start all over again.  Leave a stable corporate job for my risky little dream on the internet.  Meet a wonderful partner.  Make mistakes and still be loved by those nearest and dearest.  And while I feel very blessed with good health and the ability to work on my outside, it’s the more important “stuff” in life that has shaped me and given me the confidence that I have today.

So what in the sam hell does this have to do with clothing? Let’s dive into that, too!  I shared a few weeks ago that I had the opportunity to meet the founder of Evereve, Megan Tamte, and impressed is an understatement.  A woman that I immediately felt I had known for quite some time, Evereve’s core values align with those of s + s….help women feel beautiful from the inside out.  Evereve aims to provide clothing that enhances a woman’s inwardly confidence and beauty and I’ve gotta say….they NAIL IT.  Like, majorly nail it.  Since being introduced to Evereve, I’ve more or less become obsessed.  Not just because they carry some of my favorite brands (Sundry, Frame, Rails, Splendid, Paige, Sam Edelman), but the women of Evereve are so dang sweet and experienced….truly they S T Y L E you from head to toe….the store’s energy exudes all the good vibes you want while shopping!  If you have yet to stop into an Evereve store….do yourself (and your closet) a favor and pop on in!  I snagged both of these looks from our Clay Terrace store among a handful of other goodies….how ’bout this Camo Blanket Scarf?  And then the leather jackets…the scalloped denim…the wear everywhere Tees… a kid in a candy store!  Def sneak a peek at their fall finds and Gang, should you be in the midst of some less than stellar “stuff”…just remember, there’s a bigger purpose, there’s a plan, and I can guarantee you, there’s some confidence to be gained!!  Have a wonderful one, gang…thanks for stopping by!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

This how to be confident post was sponsored by Evereve.  All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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  1. What size did you get in the Blank NYC Cleaned Up Moto jacket? Does it run true to size, or small like other Blank NYC jackets, did you have to size up? Looks beautiful.