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Fit Flex Fly:

Six months, three weeks, six days, and seven hours until I turn F O R T Y….but who’s counting?  Me, dangit.  I’ve been counting from the moment I hit 39.  Not because I’m in a full fledge meltdown at the thoughts of leaving my thirties and entering a new, seemingly scarier, decade–hell, that took place during my 37th year.  Nope.  Forties truly don’t freak me out at all.  Rumor has it they trump your thirties because you R E A L L Y have not one single E F F to give and truly GET what life is all about and then some.  I’ve, in fact, been counting down the days until my next decade because I’ve got lofty goals as I vow to make 40 my best year yet.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually….you name it…I’ve got it on the wishlist.  I want to enter my forties with a big middle finger to the stereotypes that may surround it.   So let’s chat up my game plan for the physical challenge…I’ll tackle the emotional, deeper stuff at a later date.   How in the heck am I going to welcome 40 stronger and healthier than my younger years you ask?   Well y’all already know 2/3 of my plan of attack (see FWTFL and [ solidcore ] )–but that last third is like the icing on a physically fit cake.  For those that don’t know, let me introduce you to Fit Flex Fly…otherwise known as F3.

If you’ve seen any of my Instagram Stories as of late, then you know that Fit Flex Fly delivers some of the most creative workouts that I can confidently say I’ve ever tried.  Founded by Mark & Kelli Morgan, F3’s motto is to Keep Moving & Keep Smiling…which is exactly what I, and my fellow F3’ers, do upon entering the hip building nestled in Nora.  Here’s the deal, gang, I’ve tried A L O T of joints.  And by and large they’ve all been great….but not THIS great.  Whether it’s the energy and positive atmosphere, the knowledge of each and every instructor, the creative and challenging workouts, the V A R I E T Y of classes, the incredible staff and trainers, the CHILDCARE #praisemisskaren,  the education, the infrared heated room…or my boy, Mark, that has me doing the most asinine workouts that are so damn tough but F U N…..I’ve found a place that is no doubt going to help me achieve the aforementioned goals.

If you’re in the Indy area and in search of something more unique, personalized, and anything but basic….y’all gotta trust me on this and check out Fit Flex Fly.  There’s a superb introductory offer of $99 which includes:

One-on-One strategy session with a personal trainer

Body composition and metabolic profile analysis**

Basic functional movement screening

One personal training session that includes a full body workout

30 days of unlimited group classes

The body composition analysis is SUPER eye opening because it allows you to set realistic goals based on factors other than just your weight….they actually don’t give a hoot about that number.  I mean, I know how much my dang skeleton weighs, how many calories I burn by being a sloth, my BMI, my left side is stronger than my right, and an important goal for me is to build more muscle.  Simply stated, this place is the jam and I give it the “seersucker stamp of approval”.  Gotta give props to my gal Erin for once again  steering me in the right direction and introducing me to Fit Flex Fly…homegal never does me wrong.  Alright, gang, feel free to hit me up with any questions and if I’m sweating alongside of you at Fit Flex Fly, def say H E L L O!  Make it a great one, gang!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth



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