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I remember when my gal pal, Erin, was yip yapping last winter about [ solidcore ] and I was all knee deep in the FWTFL workouts, having great success and quite frankly, I wasn’t down with pilates as I like to get a little messy (aka sweaty) when I workout.  I FINALLY bit the bullet last February, and so with my mindset all, “This will be a breeze….I bet I’ll barely sweat…..I’ll probably be bored….the things I do for Erin,” I entered the darkened room filled with a handful of Sweatlana’s aka Mega Reformers and braced myself for something I was certain I’d easily tackle.  Um, how ’bout I got served the BIGGEST SLICE OF HUMBLE PIE….like ever.  Loaded with whipped cream.  And multiple cherries.  In a nutshell…H O L Y H E L L S was it T O U G H.  Ten minutes in and I shot Erin a look of, “I hate your guts what in the world is this nonsense?”  But….I was HOOKED.   Hooked in a major way as I knew my body had met a challenge it had never tackled before and I was diggin’ it.  Fast forward about 7 months later and I’d venture to guess I’m stronger than I’ve been in quite some time.  If ever.

So what exactly is  [ solidcore ] you ask…aside from being one of the absolute most favorite workouts I’ve ever done.  Truly.   [ solidcore ] is 50 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact, slow & controlled movements on their resistance-based Sweatlana.  Classes are intense and purposefully sequenced to work your muscles to F A I L U R E aka shake & twitch like a motha’.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’ve never done a workout like this one.   I’m a big fan of good vibes while I workout and the energy in [ solidcore ]  is so dang motivating–as are the jams.  From the instructors to your neighbors sweating alongside of you, the atmosphere at [ solidcore ]  is equally motivating, challenging, and F U N.  And here’s the thing, just when you think you’ve almost mastered a move, you’ll get another slice of that humble pie as the instructors will challenge you with a variation, extra spring load, longer hold time….basically, you can’t plateau…like I said, H O O K E D.

Last thing I’ll touch upon before I offer up a fun little discount for first timers is how I’ve incorporated this into my FWTL lifestyle.  If you’re currently bootcamping and interested in trying [ solidcore ], I’d suggest doing it on ALL OVER BODY lift days and BACK DAY.  Again, this is how I DID IT…but y’all do YOU!!  And as previously mentioned, if you’re a first timer, use code SEERSUCKER5 to receive a discount on the NEW CLIENT PKG at [ solidcore ].  A huge thanks to Brooke and the crew at Clay Terrace for letting us run amuck at the studio last week….Calvin was in, how shall I put it….. R A R E form….and discovered their toilets so it was fun times indeed #sarcasm.  Y’all have a wonderful Holiday weekend…I’ll be hitting up Rachel’s 75 minute [ solidcore ] class tomorrow….say Hi if you’re sweating alongside of me!  Make it a great one!

photos courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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