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Save The Duck Jacket:

Gang, I’m gonna shoot you straight…winter after winter, I’ve become more puffer obsessed.  Dare I say, it’s as though I’ve developed an addiction to collecting them.  With that being said, I’d like to consider myself somewhat of a puffer aficionado aka…I know a good Puffer Jacket when I spot one.  Enter SAVE THE DUCK jacket from Bloomingdales.  Y’all, I’m not kidding when I say, I’ve worn this jacket pretty much every day since it’s arrived.  And here’s why–well first and foremost, and most importantly, it’s warm….and I’m loving that it’s 100% animal free (hence SAVE THE DUCK jacket).  Secondly, there’s something very tailored and sleek about this Puffer.  Most puffs aim to keep you warm, but I have no doubts my Save the Duck aims to keep us ladies stylish, too!  The way the hood transitions into the jacket and the waistline kinda tapers….it’s a flattering little number indeed–I pair mine with everything from my workout gear to cozy knits like my CAMO SWEATER!!  I’m also a stickler for pockets because in the cooler months, I just like to stuff ALL the things in mine.  Well this bad boy not only has DEEP pockets, but they also zipper closed which is a must for me!  Have I sold you on the PUFF, yet?  Well then how ’bout this little pearl…it’s PACKABLE too!!  That’s right, my SAVE THE DUCK jacket came with a little satchel that you can stuff your puff in and toss in your suitcase–brilliant!  It was a toss up between this short version I’m sporting and the Long Puffer Coat–if I’m being honest, I still may snag one for myself…they’re T H A T good!  Take it from a gal who has more or less tried A L L the puffers in the land…this baby from Bloomingdales is A C E S…and will definitely keep you cozy and stylish this winter season! Make it a great one gang…and stay W A R M!

This post was sponsored by Bloomingdales and Shopstyle.  All opinions expressed herein are my own!

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Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth


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