A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words with Walmart Photo


One gift that will never ever E V E R fail to please are PHOTOS.  Truly, whether you CANVAS them, toss ’em on a CALENDAR, a MUG for those coffee lovers like my parents, or a PHOTO BOOKPhotos are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive.  And here’s the good news–WALMART photo makes gifting these special keepsakes so dang easy!!  I literally had all of my in laws’ gifts done within…ehhh, 10 mins max…..and even better…all of the photography goodness arrived in THREE DAYS!  S C O R E.  And since I hadn’t printed up any of our family images since the summer, I went ahead and gifted myself a boatload of prints from Walmart for….E L E V E N….. D O L L A R S….and by boatload I mean 130 images that also landed on my doorstep within three days!  I went ahead an ordered extras because the girls framed their Walmart images (see above) and we like to toss them on the presents for the family…just adds a fun personal touch!  Admittedly, I’m a bit of a critic when it comes to the quality of photos and I’m not kidding….you can see for yourself in the pics above…Walmart photo quality knocks it out of the park for a stellar price!   Moral of the story…order some pics, toss ’em in an ornament, or on a mug, or create a collection in a photo book for the grandparents and mark my word…you’ll have smiles galore come Christmas Morning!!  Make it a great one gang and enjoy making memories this holiday season!

Photos courtesy of Shelly Ruth

This post was sponsored by Walmart.  As always, the opinions expressed herein are my very own!

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