#ThatBowlLife Faster Way to Fat Loss Cookbook

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Faster Way to Fat Loss:

This post, well correction, this (e)  C O O K B O O K has been a long time in the making, gang, but I’m happy to report #ThatBowlLife is now available for immediate download HERE!  We’ve had such an incredible response and I truly cannot thank y’all enough for allowing me to step foot into your kitchen and (hopefully) making cooking easier….and F U N!

For those of you that aren’t yet #bowlievers ; ) I wanted to share the contents of the cookbook so you can get a better feel for all that is #ThatBowlLife.  First of all, this is a more robust version of the complimentary one you receive when registering with the Faster Way to Fat Loss.  Think 33 recipes, snacks, smoothies, Trader Joes and Costco Hauls, Starbucks orders…..all separated into Low Carb and Regular Macro Meals.  My goal was two fold—to help make cooking in the kitchen both EASY and HEALTHY!  Do you have to be a Faster Way to Fat Loss participant, No Ma’am, but rest assured if you are, this cookbook will make your journey to a healthier you E A S Y B R E E Z Y!

Gang, my wish for your no matter where you are on your journey is to ENJOY the process.  Celebrate the Non Scale Victories.  Give Yourself Grace,  Remember, Progress over Perfection.  And always, ALWAYS add sriracha ranch.  And a BOWL!

If you’d like to get in on #ThatBowlLife action, feel free to purchase HERE and you can IMMEDIATELY DOWNLOAD your e-cookbook.  It will also be emailed to you within 8 hours (check spam if you don’t see initially).  Make it a great one, gang, and as always, thank you for your continued support!

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