The Evereve Sale: Favorite Denim

Denim ON SALE AT EVEREVE // Denim ON SALE AT EVEREVE // Floral Blouse c/o Evereve // Stripe Tee c/o Evereve // Leather Jacket c/o Evereve // Heels // Bag

Evereve Sale:

It’s a good day for Denim when Evereve is serving up a stellar Evereve sale with 15% off ALL JEANS–halle-damn-lujah!  And while all of Evereve’s Denim is fantastic (think Paige, Hudson, AG, Frame)….there are two styles in particular…two ladies if you will, that y’all N E E D in your life.  Meet Farrah and Barbara.

I’m not quite sure if it’s the wash, the cut, the high rise, the way they elevate the bum or all of the above, but I kid you not, the AG Farrah and Hudson Barbara cuts are SO VERY FLATTERING.  I own several pairs of each and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I may stock up on a few more when I make my way to the Evereve team tomorrow in Minneapolis.  Sidenote, stay tuned for a S U P E R fun project with Evereve and their Trendsend subscription boxes–can’t wait to share more.  But until then, I invite you to take advantage of this incredible Evereve sale because I don’t have to tell you, Denim will forever be a stylish staple so why not invest in two of the B E S T pairs I’ve ever worn?!?  And one last little tidbit before I wrap ‘er up, THIS FLORAL BLOUSE….Gang, I cannot begin tell you how cute the print is…already planning her next appearance paired with WHITE DENIM.

Alright, kids, let’s have ourselves a wonderful Wednesday, shall we?  We’re on a snow delay so it’s been a nice slow to start morning in the Chappo household…make it a great one, Gang!

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Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth


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