The Playroom Loft

Playroom Loft Details:

Storage Bins // Frames // Light Fixture // Plants // Art DIY and Midland Antiques // Lily Pad Mats // Easel // Cactus // Chairs // DIY Turf

Playroom Loft:

Welcome to the Green Lagoon!!  A little area at the top of the mudroom stairs that has quickly become one of the kids’ favorite spots!  We knew this would be a retreat for the kiddos and would house toys, crafts, and the like and therefore, we wanted to keep the decor budget conservative.  With a mixture of Ikea, At Home, and DIY artwork, we were able to transform this little nook into a sweet spot for the critters.  It’s a happy little space that the baby just loves….and so do I!  My plan is to add some funky wallpaper in the upcoming months to add a little more personality but for now, we are relying on the kiddos’ artwork and a $50 70s-esque sunburst piece I scored at Midland Antiques on a summer shopping trip with Ashley Bedwell from Rowland Design….who also helped cut the turf into a ‘pond’…genius!   If you’re in need of infusing some personality to a space and have kiddo art for days like many moms do….snag a boatload of Ikea frames and create a gallery…it’s truly my FAVORITE way to showcase the kids’ masterpieces and adds fun pops!  The kids also love seeing their masterpieces on display, too!

Alright, gang, cheers to a wonderful start to your week….don’t forget about your vintage, antique, and salvage yards….we have found some of our most special pieces (the ‘5’ in our living room) while thrifting and antiquing–and it’s a GREAT way to stay on budget!!  Make it a good one, Gang!

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Photos courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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