The Tamara Mellon Shoes Effect

Have you ever heard of Tamara Mellon shoes? If not, then I’m glad you stopped by today! These shoes are beyond amazing, and once you start iwth one pair, be forewarned that you’ll be hooked in no time FLAT(line). ​

No but truly, Gang, if y’all happened to follow along our trip to Italy, then you know my love affair with Tuscany and Tamara started out S T R O N G. I more or less sported my Flatlines 90% off the trip which means not only are they crazy comfortable, but they legit elevate ANY look. So it was no surprise that upon returning home, I expanded my Mellon collection.

My Two Favorite Pairs of Tamara Mellon Shoes

Enter the Frontline….basically the sexy big sis to the Flatline, these beauties are quite possibly the perfect neutral heel. I have them in black and knew the neutral was a must. Believe me when I say, they are a G O R G sandal! And speaking of Gorg….The Belle is a stunner of a heel. I love the crispness of the white, but pair it with a cuffed asymmetrical ankle and va-va-va-voom….I’m in L O V E.

I also love the idea of obviously going the sexy route, but also adore sprucing up a more masculine look of a blazer and tee. They’re simply a beautiful heel….as are alllllll of Tamara Mellon’s kicks…and fun fact, I saw Tamara speak at a Lucky magazine conference 7 years ago and was beyond impressed with her style, drive, and design!

All that to say, YES..they’re worth the jingle, you’ll wear the heck out of them…and you’ll turn heads while you #flashyourmellons! Make it a great one, Gang….sharing the TM’s that are currently in the ‘ole closet below!​​

Which pair of shoes is currently your favorite? Share in a comment below!

This post was sponsored by Tamara Mellon. Per usual, all opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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  1. Hey interested it the Flatline sandals are true to size? I wear 7 1/2 or 8 and I am sacred to take the plunge. I’ve been looking a comfortable shoe to wear while traveling this summer.