The Walmart Wonder Bra

You’ve heard me shout it from the rooftops on Instagram umpteen times, and you’ll hear me sing its praises yet again….it’s THE BEST TSHIRT BRA I’ve owned thus far…and it’s from Walmart and even better than that, it’s THIRTEEN DOLLARS. You read that right…1-3 smacks! Now you know I’ve been on a mega Bodysuit kick (see similar) this summer and so a good T-shirt Bra has been quintessential. My criteria for a good fitting bra is pretty simple and this one fits the bill on A L L accounts….Smoothing (no lumps, bumps, nips, or the like), Comfy, Enhances the Gals naturally, and able to be worn with W H I T E…..check, check, check…this one gets the job D O N E. Also getting the job done is this adorable and affordable marigold button down skirt….perfect for a slew of summertime occasions! Be sure to give Walmart a peek for both your summer A N D your Back to School needs too, the gals scored some super cute threads for school…… which starts N E X T W E E K….ahhhh–not ready for summer to end!! Alright, gang, make it a good one and enjoy your evening!!

This post was sponsored by Walmart. Per usual, all opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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