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Hey Gang!! Y’all have been asking for a little @markmorganfitness at your fingertips (for over a year to be exact) and that’s exactly what #thatsweatlife delivers. For over a year, I have trained with Mark Morgan at his studio, Fit Flex Fly. Not only has he helped transform my physique and achieve my fitness goals, but he has done so in the most creative and fun environment I’ve ever experienced!
How ’bout a little back story on Mark Morgan Fitness and the guy that y’all see torturing, errr…training me on a weekly basis:

Mark is a conditioning coach, personal trainer, TRX suspension training expert, fascial stretching therapist, and holds certifications in both stick mobility and power plate training. He specializes in developing holistic training approaches, which promote lifestyle changes for permanent results in weight loss, athletic performance, strength, dynamic flexibility, balance, proprioception, and whole body functional strength and power (say that five times fast)! Mark graduated from Ball State University in 1998 with a degree in exercise science and wellness.

With over 20 years of fitness experience, Mark has developed his own unique approach that he describes as helping his clients become “biomechanically efficient and functionally correct.” Whether training a stay-at-home mom, a youth trying out for sports, an elderly client looking to improve bone density, a professional athlete, or a 40-year-old lifestyle blogger who was looking to become her strongest and healthiest self ; ) …..Mark’s ultimate goal is to improve every person’s health and fitness.

We are so very excited to introduce #thatsweatlife customized workouts (10 plus a bonus partner workout) specifically created for Y O U. With over 90 exercises, some of the most effective never before seen movements that can be done at home or the gym with minimal equipment, and a customized Spotify and Apple Music playlist, there is indeed something for everyone!! Our hope for you is to have fun, break a sweat, and enjoy your journey to your healthiest self. And as Mark would say, “Keep moving, keep smiling,” to which I would respond, “Shut your trap, am I almost done?” Make it a sweat one, Gang!

#thatsweatlife housekeeping: This ebook is available for immediate download via email. Please click the hyperlink within the email and save to your device for ease of use. I also suggest emailing it to yourself as well. If you have any issues with your order, please feel free to email seersuckersweat(at)gmail(dot)com.  

Do you use a trainer when you workout? Share in a comment below!

Photos Courtesy of Shelly Ruth

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