The Back to School Style Edition

The teachers are assigned, the lockers are filled, and the fresh new threads are in the closets which can mean only ONE thing….. IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!!! Insert cry emoji.

I’m most definitely not one of those parents who welcomes Back to School as I love having the critters at home and not adhering to a strict agenda. BUT if it must be, then at least I’m getting the kiddos all geared up in some super cute back to school style from Walmart. And because mom was a bit of a slacker this year on the Back To School front, Walmart saved my hind with its one day delivery!

From Chase’s SUPER cute distressed Levi’s to Roo’s adorable chambray pants, the girls are race ready for their first day back next week! And you like how I got Cam on the bodysuit train? I figured, why not kill two birds with one stone and get her a leotard for dance that also serves as a great piece with aforementioned pants, skirts, jeans, etc.

Other Walmart goodies we snagged for the girls…these bralettes, this TEE, I also grabbed this TEE, this athleisure getup for Cam, and these LEO SNEAKS….all so fun and affordable back to school style and def worth sneaking a peek at Walmart’s selection!!

Wishing you and your critters a smooth first day back to school… make it a great one, Gang!

This back to school style post was sponsored by Walmart. All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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