It’s Tie Dye Fashion Time

Blame it on the fact that I was (just barely) born in the 70’s (1979 to be exact), but dangit I cannot get enough of the tie dye fashion trend! Admittedly, I need to get a grip on my Tie Dye collection, but eh…why when you can find TD gems from Walmart for ONLY $12?!?! Whether it’s this Pink, Blue, or Pastel Rainbow, they’re all equally cute and fun (I’m sporting a Medium for reference). More of a DIY kinda gal? May I interest you in the BEST Tie Dye Kit…the kids and I snagged some Sweatshirts from Walmart and plan to go to Tie Dye Town tomorrow! And if you’re In the market for the PERFECT denim to pair with your TD at a very wallet friendly price, don’t forget to sneak a peek at the Sofia Jeans…a handful of y’all took the plunge after last week’s post and are loving the fit! Alright, Gang, cheers to your Labor Day….be sure to check out all the rollback goodness from Walmart!

What are your thoughts on tie dye fashion? Share in a comment below!

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