The Espacio Clay Bracelets Pop Up

I am über excited for today’s post because I’m pretty certain I’m bringing some news that will excite many of y’all!! My FIESTA ESPACIO CLAY BRACELETS turned out to be quite the hit when I first sported them….so much so, I approached the lovely ladies who handmade these nuggets, Katie & Jennifer, and they agreed to give y’all site wide access BEFORE their next pop up sale opens up to the public!!

Based out of Houston, Katie and Jennifer design the bracelets, make the bracelets, distribute the bracelets, all while mom-ing, wife-ing, basically doing it all….which is part of the reason Espacio is structured as a 1-2 times/month online pop up shop! Y’all played a big role in selling out their FIESTA ESPACIO CLAY BRACELETS last month and because many of you were bummed you couldn’t score your own set, we thought early access would be a FAB way to get yourself a stack!!

So here’s the tea, starting TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 23rd at 8am EST, the ESPACIO website will be password protected with the code “SEERSUCKER”…enter it and shop any little bracelet you want ’til your heart’s content….or they sell out….or 10am EST when the sale opens to the public!!

Either way…don’t hit that snooze button too many times tomorrow morn, or you’ll miss out! And if you were lucky enough to snag some FIESTAS last time, may I interest you in these ELECTRIC BLUE stackers…..inspired by yours truly, Katie and Jennifer delivered with this set! Alright, Gang, I hope you all enjoy and score some fab finds!! Per usual, your support is immensely appreciated as it allows exclusive opportunities such as this….I’m always thrilled when we are able to whip up something fun for y’all!! Make it a great (and colorful) one, Gang!

Are you going to be buying any Espacio Clay Bracelets? Share in a comment below!

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