Meet the Frankensteins: Our Frankenstein Halloween Costumes

Frankenstein Halloween Costumes

The initial plan with our Frankenstein Halloween costumes was for mom to be the bride, and Calvin to be Frank…..that is until I saw this adorable Baby Bride of Frankenstein costume from Walmart….it was a no brainer we needed to role reverse! And while Johnny dubbed this the “most unattractive costume I could ever pick,” the laughs this duo brought to our fam and friends made it T O T A L L Y worth it!! Walmart for the win this Halloween no doubt!

Since we’re on the topic of Walmart, I wanted to quickly chat up my current faves I scored this month! This cozy and cute STAR SWEATSUIT is one that I’ve repeatedly worn this month (size UP). I couldn’t resist this Cheery Sweater and the price is definitely R I G H T. And if you want to take the silky skirt trend for a spin, this beauty is a good jumping off point. Needless to say whether you’re looking to snag some fun Fall Decor or Threads for a solid price, Walmart has us covered! Here’s to your Halloween, Gang…make it a spooky one!

This post was sponsored by Walmart. Per usual, all opinions expressed herein are my very own!

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