Baby Got Back: How to Sleep on Your Back Comfortably

After having surgery on the girls, it was doctor’s orders…I H A D to sleep on my back. Now for some, this may have been an easy task, but for a lifelong side and stomach sleeper, this was about the worst prescription ever. That is until I woke up about one week after doing so, and noticed my skin looked so refreshed in the morning and was without that wretched crease alongside my face. Which is why I’m so excited to share with you everything I know about how to sleep on your back comfortably!

Now I won’t claim this is the most romantic (or practical) way to sleep, but it will leave your skin (and my back in fact) thankful. Come to find out after reading several articles…back sleeping is a T H I N G–who knew? My two gal pals whose skin G L O W S (I’m talking to you Snooks and Spendy) swear by mummy sleeping and it S H O W S. Be mindful, as with any switches in life, it takes some practice…I basically had to break a lifelong habit…but it’s made such a difference in my skin and back. Without further ado, here are my tips on how to sleep on your back comfortably.

How to Sleep on Your Back Comfortably

  1. The Pillow. After trying out several different kinds, my gal pal recommended this one and it’s done the trick for me.
  2. The Blanket. Now this is K E Y. I quickly figured out why I’ve never slept on my back….it left me feeling exposed, not secure…basically, I need all the coziness I can get when I snooze. Enter the WEIGHTED BLANKET….this gives you that comfort and security side sleeping does. I love this one from COSTCO…I use the 20lbs. This one from AMAZON got great reviews too although I have not tried it!
  3. An incline. The pillow will get you propped on your upper half, but if you don’t have an adjustable bed (we have a FLOBED), you’ll want a pillow or bolster under your knees (think of how they do when you get a massage). This helps take the pressure off of your back. If you do have an adjustable bed, you’ll want an ever so slight incline on your upper and Lower half.
  4. Your sides. Now this is where the unsexy, unromantic part comes into play…confirmed by Johnny’s glaring side eye…I told him to tell me how he really feels about this back sleeping situation via his eyes…nailed it. Pro tip, you’re gonna want to get your cuddles in before you banish yourself from your partner. This step isn’t necessary per se, but I do it. You basically want to barricade your sides either with other pillows or I brought this baby BACK in the BED…and it’s a wonder Johnny didn’t toss it over the balcony….he L O A T H E D it while pregnant with Calvin, but man it covers your bases for your sides AND under your knees (I use it like a “U” shape). And it elevates your arms a tad which again gives you a more secure snug feeling.
  5. CBD. Also, this isn’t necessary, but I have found it has had a V E R Y positive effect on my sleep. I take one tablet before bed and it has a wonderfully calming and balancing effect. I spoke about the brand Equilibria on my stories…def worth a little research–Johnny and I are big fans! Use code SEERSUCKERANDSADDLES for 20% off.
  6. Other incidentals not necessary but worth mentioning. Coziest PJs. A steal of a deal on sheets–we have them on 3 different beds and love them. A Silk pillowcase should you turn mid sleep this will be less harsh on your pretty face. And the rest of our bedding is from Restoration Hardware.
  7. Lastly, just know this won’t feel comfy overnight. It took a doctor telling me it was necessary for the jugs along with some will power to instill this habit but while I never thought I’d say it, I can make it official…I am a B A C K S L E E P E R. Sweet dreams, Gang!

What do you think of this tips? Do you have any advice on how to sleep on your back comfortably? If so, share in a comment below!

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