Staying Fit with Lululemon Favorites

There will probably be no shortage of steps today for many of us now that Black Friday is totally in full swing. And while running around town doing that mom thing is definitely one way I stay active, ensuring I’ve got some stellar gear from lululemon for my workouts is no doubt a motivator to stay active too.

Lululemon Favorites

It may sound silly, but if I’m feeling fresh in my workout threads, I ultimately feel more motivated to workout…it almost puts an extra pep in my step. And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a zillion times….my gear of choice is l u l u l e m o n….the aligns? I’m allllll over ’em! Because you’ll be hard pressed to find a legging that is THIS comfy and flattering in and outside of the gym. Then, toss on a SLEEK VEST and BELT BAG and you’ve got a look that’ll get all your holiday errands done in style! If you’re looking for a little more compression, my go to is the Wunder Under…a little thicker and tighter than the aligns.

Easy Ways to Stay Active

My biggest piece of advice for staying active this holiday season….SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS…I can’t stress this enough. If it ain’t on my calendar, it ain’t happening. For me, once I put it in writing and commit to that time slot….I’ll be hard pressed to cancel! But also, treat yourself to some Sleek Workout Gear….it truly does help you feel more in the zone if you look the part. And lucky for us, Lululemon is having a fantastic Black Friday SALE! My Favorite Leggings, Cropped Tees, and this Bomber are all included and equally fab. And let us not forget about lululemon when it comes to gift giving….Let me break down some of my fave ways to sprinkle a little lululemon love into the holidays:

  1. Ladies, get your men THESE JOGGERS. Just trust. Johnny has and loves…I got him this pair in grey for Christmas.
  2. I love the idea of giving a Stay Fit Themed gift. Think Yoga Mat, Water Bottle, Headband to name a few! Maybe toss in a little gift card as well!
  3. My girls love all things lululemon. I’ll definitely be snagging them some leggings, undies, and scrunchies for under the Christmas tree!

Needless to say, lululemon has the whole gift giving thing covered no matter who you’re shopping for! Cheers to your Black Friday, Gang!! Stay safe and don’t burn a hole in your pocket ; ). I hope y’all had the most wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family—ours was filled with delish eats, quality family time, relaxation, laughs, board games, and an early bed time….PERFECTION if you ask me! Make it a good one!

What are your current Lululemon favorites? Share in a comment below!

This post was sponsored by lululemon. Per usual, all opinions expressed herein are my very own. Happy Holidays, Gang!

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