The Balancing Act with Equilibria CBD

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.  Festivities with friends and family, traditions, the kid’s excitement, the decor, the coziness, the craziness, the jam packed schedule, the never ending to-do lists, wait WHAT…….the balls that I’ve dropped and I don’t mean the ones on my Christmas tree…..

No but seriously, this time of year is magical… It truly is my favorite.  But let’s cut to the chase… it’s also BONKERS. You’re being pulled in a gajillion different directions, your schedule is packed to the nines, your kids have umpteen school parties and programs, you totally forgot to buy something for Nana and it’s Christmas Eve, and your brain is going a million miles a minute at bedtime.  Or maybe, like on this particular day these images were snapped—you’re up at 5:30 am, drive the kids to school, head to another school to present to 80 eighth graders for career day, shoot four looks for upcoming campaigns, sneak in a workout because it is a necessity during this chaotic time, tackle a ton of computer work, head home to the critters, do that family, dinner, bath, bedtime thang, pack for your 6:00am flight the next day to Minnesota, and so on.  Needless to say.. life can lack BALANCE.. especially this time of year. But here’s the thing, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion my holidays are going to look a bit more Even Steven thanks to my two month tenure with CBD from Equilibria…it’s as though Santa arrived a little early this holiday!  


Ok, gang, I’m not going to get crazy clinical but let’s rather “CBD for Dummies” this post. Basically CBD is a natural compound found in hemp flowers.  It aids in mental and physical well being aka B A L A N C E. For me personally, it has helped immensely with my sleep, my post workout soreness, and keeping my stress levels at bay.  And here’s the deal…there’s a boatload of CBD out there…Johnny and I actually went to a CBD tasting while visiting Colorado this summer. But I personally L O V E Equilibria’s mission because it’s FOR women, CREATED by women.  I’ve actually had conversations with the owners of the company and I was truly impressed with their mission and passion for helping women become their most balanced selves.  Another mentionable is all of Equilibria CBD is lab-tested and grown, processed and bottled on their own farm (rare in the CBD industry) so there’s mega quality control taking place which I am here for!  Icing on the cake, after taking the Equilibria plunge, you’ll be assigned a Dosage Specialist who personalizes an Equilibria CBD routine to fit your needs be it inflammation, mental health, hormonal imbalance, pain relief, and anxiety to name a few!  My Equilibria specialist is Maia and she’s been so very helpful! Truly the list goes on, but I’ve found my daily dropper in the morning and gel capsule at night have had a profound impact on my anxiousness from wearing entirely too many hats!

I wanted to ensure I had enough experience under my belt prior to chatting about them at length.  I can say the biggest takeaway I’ve learned, as with many things in life, CONSISTENCY IS KEY!! Your dosage specialist will echo these sentiments as well.  But after two months on the Equilibria CBD train, both myself and Johnny (yep, he swiped one of my droppers) are sleeping like babies and feeling better than ever….truly.    

I’m happy to report I have a code for us to utilize should you decide to hop on the Equilibria CBD bandwagon.  Code ‘SEERSUCKERANDSADDLES’ will get you 20% off all products.  I personally think a subscription box is the best bang for your buck and ensures that whole “CONSISTENCY IS KEY” mantra will be executed.  There’s also a fantastic Holiday Gift Box (pictured above) with also includes bath bombs and a roller (great for headaches). Truly you can’t go wrong whichever direction you choose.  I highly suggest digging around the site, asking questions, and hopping on a call with your dosage specialist….and keep me posted for sure!!  Cheers to your evening, Gang…make it a BALANCED one!

As per FDA guidelines, Equilibria is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailments or disease. As always, consult with your physician before starting any new program that may interact with your current health plan.

This post was sponsored by Equilibria.  Per usual, all opinions expressed herein are my very own. 

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