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Native Deodorant

I was recently handed the baton to take the Native Deodorant’s 14 day challenge and make the switch to a cleaner Deodorant.  In my quest to bring safer products into my home (native contains coconut oil, Shea butter, and tapioca starch), I thought, “Sure, why the hell not?”  And so on the heels of the 14th day, I wanted to share my feedback and next steps.

I was lucky to have many of YOU all share tips and tricks on how to make the Native switch more seamless.  Several of the helpful suggestions were, mask your underarms which I did once a week with THIS, exfoliate, apply after the shower, and give your underarms TIME to detox all the nasty ingredients that had built up over time (ie:  aluminum, parabens, etc).  And so I did exactly those things.  I also put Native to the ultimate test and took it for a spin with my Workouts….which if you’ve followed alongside s + s for any length of time….you know my trainer don’t play….and my workouts are intense for lack of a better word….especially when he tosses me in this 90 degree hot room.  Which he did on the day these images were shot, and I survived, and thankfully, didn’t offend anyone in the process! 

And so here’s the outcome.  I’m sticking with Native until further notice as I’ve been quite pleased with its ability to keep me protected.  With the exception of a few red bumps around DAY 10 (I can’t say if that was caused by the Deodorant or the fact that I quickly ran a razor over them dry), a few reapplications mid day on some days, and just the placebo effect of knowing I was trying something new and therefore more aware of my pits, the transition was quite smooth.  I even asked my trainer on several occasions if I smelled anything other than fresh and thankfully, the answer was N O ; ) I will say some of you warned me about potential redness and my white shirts potentially becoming stained, but I have yet to experience either.  Bottom line, I’m glad I’m not coating my underarms with less than desirable products and I’m super pleased with the scents (Lavender & Rose and Cucumber & Mint are my faves)!

If you’re on a quest to switch to healthier ingredients and want to toss a few of these bad boys in a stocking or score a few for yourself, feel free to do so HERE and use my code SADDLES20 for 20% off. Cheers to your week, Gang…T minus 9 days!

This post was sponsored by NATIVE. All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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