Stay Cozy with The Northface Thermoball Parka

Northface Thermoball Parka

 If you’ve popped on over to my Instagram the past week or two, then you’ve seen me sport this The Northface Thermoball Parka.  Like N O N S T O P.  If I’m being honest, I love it so much I snagged the NAVY VERSION upon spotting it on sale.  It’s simply THAT good.  And here’s why…..Not sure how a quilted parka manages to not only keep you warm and cozy but do so while FLATTERING your waistline….but dangit, if this one doesn’t fit ALL those bills!  I typically will leave my puffs unzipped and just embrace the oversized nature but The Northface THERMOBALL PARKA looks, dare I say, so cute and tailored zipped!!  I simply love it!  I’m telling you, Gang, if you’ve got a teen, twenty something, hubs, yo-self to still treat this holiday….THIS JACKET would be perfect….and it’s ON SALE!!!  And because I’m not one to just hole up inside while the temps dip, I love that this will keep me cozy and warm while I get outdoors and explore with the fam this holiday break!!  We are going ice skating in the next few days and this bad boy will def be accompanying me!  Other notables from THE NORTHFACE that I love…The Gotham Parka I sported nonstop last year, Johnny’s Ski Pants, and This Hat…all cute, cozy, and get the job done!!  
Cheers to your week gang…I hope that list is getting shorter by the second!!  Let The Northface take the heat off your list and bring a (warm and cozy) smile to your crew with this gem of a parka this season!

This post was sponsored by The Northface. All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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  1. You look adorable as always. I am a huge Northface fan even prior to them being “trendy”. Still at heart a Spyder girl for our West ski trips. I digress. Question, Is the longer coat comfortable when active? I love my NF vest and waist length puffer coat for easy to move around in. I hope you and that cute family have an wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year. Thank you for all the adorable outfits you have shown. It gives me the comfort of knowing I am still wearing trendy yet appropriate and cute clothing.

    1. Hi Nicole!! Oh you’re too kind doll….apologies for the delayed response!! But Y E S…I’ve literally been wearing this and the navy nonstop since December….I’m definitely able to move around, etc…not restrictive!