My Personal Golden Goose Review

“So you paid for dirty sneakers?” “Are they really worth it?” “What’s all the fuss about with Golden Goose?” “Why are they so pricey?” “Are they comfortable?” “How is the sizing?” “How many pairs do you own?” “Got any good DUPES?” If I had a dollar for the number of times I’ve been asked this, hell I could buy myself another pair of Goose (or two) on the house!! With that in mind, I figured it was overdue to share all the 411 on the Goose (see initial Goose Post H E R E)…from where I buy them, how I tie them, are they comfy, what’s a good FIRST PAIR, and beyond….I’m gonna chat up all the things Golden and share why I still, after 3+ years strong, love them like it’s my job, collect them like it’s a hobby, and wear them pretty much on the daily.

Ok so let’s just fire off the Goose FAQs shall we……

My Personal Golden Goose Review

Are they worth the money? I suppose that depends who you ask. Myself, a self proclaimed sneaker aficionado, would say H E L L S Y E S. Because not only can you wear these babies during the day and elevate say a SWEATSUIT, but you can wear them into the night with a dress and look about as effortless as it gets….and be comfortable! They legit go with just about everything. They ain’t cheap, right….I think we can all agree on that so I think of my ROI when I’m about to splurge on a designer piece. If I know I will wear the hell outta said sneaks (which I easily wear mine 4 days/week), they’re unique, they’re incredible quality (EVERY PAIR handmade in Italy), my exact pair won’t be seen on every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and they’ll age well (these already come aged so that box is checked), then I can justify the price tag. I still have the same Goose I bought 4 years ago when I spotted them at 8fifteen here in Indy and they look as good now as they did then #finewine. And little pro tip..if you spot a pair you are in love with, best to snag because once she gone….she G O N E.

I’m ready to splurge on my first pair….where should I start? A V E R Y commonly asked DM and I do have the answer for you. I think back to my first pair which was white, with some metallic and black hints. And so that’s the same direction I’ll send you all….start with White (or animal print as that will forever be a neutral in my book) with a fun little detail. Think a LEOPARD STAR, PINK and GOLD DETAILS, or CLASSIC DETAILS. This way you’re certain to get the most bang for your buck because you’ll be able to wear them ALL the time….but be forewarned, once you go GGDB, you’ll be hard pressed to go back!

Where is the best place to purchase Golden Goose? I tend to get the majority of mine from Shopbop…I find they have the widest range and I love their easy return policy and free 3 day shipping. Net-A-Porter is a close second for the same reasons above and SSense is where I can typically score some older S A L E S. But y’all know I’ll always go local where I can and so for T H E best (and only) place for Goose in Indy….ya gotta hit up 8fifteen!

Are they comfy? Will they stretch out? I’ve never had any comfort issues with mine O T H E R than the hi tops…sometimes you have to stretch out the top of the foot where the tongue is…but nothing that a few mornings around your house can’t cure….and remember, it’s real leather so yes, it’ll give over time!

What socks do you wear with your Goose? Wait for it…and don’t judge…I go commando. I’m a W E I R D O when it comes to socks and don’t even like a shred of fabric showing…plus they slide….and thankfully my pigs don’t sweat so I go without. I’ve seen some other bloggers post great no shows from Amazon, but I just forgo altogether.

How do you tie your Goose? Ok, so look closely at the still shots above. You basically leave them as tied when you take them out of the box….they’ll have kind of a looser feel about them and that’s ok, because you can tighten up around the toes….but the key with these is to make it look UNTIED…EFFORTLESS…almost MESSY…I mean let’s not forget, they arrive with curated scuffs on them so perfection is N O T the look we’re going for here…..if your laces are too long…tie little knots on the end/slack of the shoe laces and even consider tucking under the tongue and/or loosening up the laces along the tongue. I’ll be sharing a “HOW TO” on stories as well that I’ll save in my highlights.

Sizing? I’m pretty much a true 8.5 aka 39 in Goose across the board. The only style I size down to a 38 is the RUNNER. So all in all, I’d say TTS but remember, if a little STIFF around the toe/tongue…just take em for a spin in your house for a few days…that’s how I break mine in.

How Many Pairs Do You Own? One never kicks and tells. Full disclosure, more than what is pictured here….Some collect art…I collect sneakers.

Any good DUPE Options? I’ll be honest, if you see a pair of “Goose” priced around $100, pretty safe bet they ain’t the real deal. But if you’re still not convinced on the hefty price tag…..I do love the comfort of P448 (admittedly more comfy than Goose but IMO they lack the personality), the sporty classic vibes of a Veja Sneak, and the throwback feel of Vans.

Ok, Gang…that about covers it….I hope you found this helpful….if you search “Golden Goose” on my site, you’ll see the zillions of ways I’ve styled them over the years….always a fave! Make it a good one, kids!

What did you like most about this Golden Goose review? Let me know in the comments below!

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