What’s in My Gym Bag?

Something I started doing last year which has made a H U G E difference in keeping my schedule efficient and ensuring I stick to my workout schedule is showering and getting ready at F3 post workout. Not only is it glorious having an uninterrupted shower (hello, children), but it allows me to pop in, get a sweat sesh with Mark, shower, get ready, and head straight to meetings, shoots, etc without having to drive home and do all of the above…hence saving at L E A S T an hour or more of time.

B U T, I ain’t trying to pack a dang bag every time I head to the gym….and therefore, I have a second stash of all my favorite gym bag essentials and some add ons that make my GYM BAGThe MZ Wallace Jimmy Bag…specifically designed for Gym Bags and Travel…P E R F E C T! I truly swear by THESE BAGS for carry ons (it’s how I master not checking a bag–most of the time), gym bags, Calvin’s swim bag, the girls’ overnight bags, you name it. Not only is the bag itself a must, the goodies inside make this whole Sweat-Shower-Dress process a BREEZE.

Gym Bag Essentials

Ok, so you’ve got the bag (I just ordered THIS GRAFFITI as a matter of fact) but what shall we fill it with? Lemme give you the run down….

This TRAVEL MAKEUP CASE. I’ve said it umpteen times, kids…this travel case is utility at its finest….these suckers are the best $25 you’ll spend….mine is filled with my favorite Beautycounter products (Exhibits A, B, and C), a travel WET BRUSH, Native Deodorant, all the goodies you’d normally use to get ready!

My HAIR TOOLS….which are currently just THIS GUY and THIS GUY. I chatted the other day about how the massive time savings justified the Dyson Hair Dryer’s Price Tag….stand by this sucker for sure….I have THIS CASE to transport it to and fro.

SLIDES. Listen, y’all don’t need to be sporting designer slides up in the gym shower…these are just so broken in and comfy and I’ve had them for several years–these are classics that I absolutely love, too, at a much friendlier price point! And even though the F3 bathrooms are as clean as a whistle…I’ll never forget when my high school boyfriend got plantars warts from the locker room showers and well, I’m scarred..and wear slides in the shower.

A spare WORKOUT OUTFIT. Because sometimes I workout on the fly, I like to have a spare pair of LEGGINGS, TOP, HATS, and SNEAKS on hand in the event I decide mid day to pop in and get in a little sweat sesh.

DIAPERS and WIPES. Now mind you, this won’t apply to some of you, but since many times I’ve got Calvin with me in tow…He LOVES Miss Karen at F3, and I always like to keep spare goodies for him on hand! Another bonus with the MZ Wallace bags….they come with pouches inside which are perfect for these types of goodies!

Alright, Gang, I hope this helps keep your workout game in tip top shape…and makes it a seamless effort!! Cheers to your Friday…make it a good one!

What are your gym bag essentials? Let me know in a comment below!

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