A Boy in a Basket

Walmart Storage Solutions

Here’s several things I know to be true about toddlers. They’re cute as all get out. Spirited and spunky as hell (see that kid climbing the COUCH). And come with a ton of S T U F F. Toys, blocks, buddies, trains, cars, dolls, you name it….most toddlers have it. And toddlers and organization don’t always go hand in hand….that is until you get yourself a good STORAGE SITUATION. While there are many great Walmart storage solutions, I find myself always gravitating towards stylish B A S K E T S or B I N S to hide the S T U F F. Enter these durable, functional, and stylish BASKETS from WALMART….they’re low on stock and THESE look like a great SALE and HIGHLY RATED alternative! Now that the new year is upon us, I know many of us are in Organization Mode….Walmart has a really great selection of Storage Solutions. Case in point, THESE BASKETS, THESE BINS which come in a ton of colors, and THESE PANTRY ORGANIZERS which we have a L O V E.

And look…I’m not suggesting you add to your Toymageddon B U T if you’re in the market for some great Toddler Toys….I’m linking up below some of Calvin’s current faves from Walmart (read: PlayDoh, Squigz, Race Tracks, and I just snagged him some Kinectic Sand) and THESE PJS. Alright, Gang, cheers to our quest to be more organized and stylishly concealing the clutter! Make it a great one!

This post was sponsored by Walmart. All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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