WFH with Anthropologie

WFH With Anthropologie Products

Raise your hand if your spaces have completely done a 180 in the past week (read: all hands across America R A I S E). Whether it’s moon sand overtaking my living room, a bounce house in my basement, or my kiddos now setting up shop in my office for their homeschooling, I’d say we’ve all watched our spaces….um how shall I say it…transform over the past few days….and you know, I’m quite alright with it….ain’t no point in sweating the small stuff am I right? Glass half full as I feel very blessed and thankful to have a comforting space during this time. I thought given the newfound popularity of my office these days, it would be fun to do a little tour and showcase some of Anthropologies’s WFH cozy goodness be it THE PERFECT TANK I’ve been wearing on repeat, THIS ADORABLE COZY MAXI, my fave brand of COZIES, or this cozy PULLOVER. And should you be in the market for a little office space spruce up, Anthropologie has you C O V E R E D (think a mini SPEAKER to listen to some tunes while you work, a PERSONALIZED JOURNAL to jot down thoughts & to do’s, a HOLDER OF ALL THINGS, ACRYLIC STORAGE, or even a Gorgeous VELVET DESK CHAIR which is a great similar option to the two pink vintage ones I had reupholstered In my office)!

And while I’m mega bummed these shorts are no longer avail, let’s cut the *&^^&….we ain’t gonna be dressing up for a bit so Anthropologie Cozies for the Win!! Other notables that happen to be ON SALE—this Tie Dye Tank, Tee, and this SWEATSHIRT….all perfect for WFH, homeschooling, and the like! Cheers to W E E K T W O, Gang….be well, stay safe, and let’s keep our hinds inside!!

What are your current favorite Anthropologie products? Let me know in a comment below!

This post was sponsored by Anthropologie. All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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  1. Everything is adorable as always and I am a Anthropologie girl. What I actually was most interested in was the two colorful prints (Seer Sucker). Would love to do my Children’s name or a saying for the playroom. I have been following you for a long time and I am beyond you happy for you. You actually look younger than ever. I wish you continued success and more importantly a happy and healthy life for you and that gorgeous family.