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To the Seersucker Readers…Man, where do I begin? It’s safe to say this little healthy cooking stint would not be in existence without you all. EIGHT YEARS of support from you led me to this point, and I’m truly grateful for our community. Thank you for the journey, Gang….It’s been THE most remarkable ride. You’ve made it a great one.

It goes without saying that I’m over the moon for the launch of That Bowl Life! She’s been a long time coming and I’m equal parts excited and anxious for y’all to get your mitts on the HARDBACK COVER. It’s been one of the most extensive projects I’ve ever taken on and I’m just thrilled with the outcome…truly…it’s everything I imagined it could be! My goal when creating this cookbook was simple. Standing by my mantra, “Not a chef, neither am I,” I wanted this to be a fun, approachable, healthy, E A S Y and unintimidating approach to cooking. I didn’t want us to overthink things when we cooked for ourselves and our family. I didn’t want us to feel overwhelmed. I didn’t want us to have to have a bajillion ingredients on hand. And I didn’t want there to be umpteen steps needed for a tasty bowl. I wanted us to have fun and freedom in the kitchen while creating healthy eats for our crew…. And I’m quite confident the mission was accomplished.

Healthy Cooking with That Bowl Life

So what’s in That Bowl Life? I wanted to create this post if you’re new to my way of cooking and introduce what’s inside the pages of this colorful creation. You’ll truly find something for just about everyone. Whether your lifestyle is one that tracks macros, carb cycles, loves the vegetarian lifestyle, a Mom on the Go, or just enjoys hopping in the kitchen and easily creating fuss free eats….this cookbook has you covered. Sixty plus recipes that include some of the OG Classics #shrimpandcauligrits, lots of that new new, mom hacks, smoothies, cocktails, snacks, low carb meals, regular macro meals, Meal Prep 411, and Grocery Hacks. I share WHY the BOWL….and how I approach the kitchen just as I do my closet.

There are currently TWO options to get your hands on That Bowl Life. Pre-Sale is well underway and you’re still able to snag a hardback copy of the Cookbook which will ship in about 4 weeks. If you’re an instant gratification gal like myself, and suffer from a little thing called patience, you can get your hands on the IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD and HARDBACK BUNDLE. The cookbook will be available immediately for your cooking pleasure and the hardback will ship in about 4 weeks. You’ll also receive a BONUS snack recipe in your inbox upon ordering the book!

And just to kick it up a notch, as a THANK YOU for the overwhelming support thus far…..I thought it could be fun to host a little My Fave COOKING Things GIVEAWAY. I’ve been pretty much nonstop in the kitchen for the past few weeks and it’s made me realize what I absolutely C A N N O T live without in the kitchen. With that in mind, upon signing up for my WEEKLY NEWSLETTER (see below), you’ll be entered to win the following:

One set of some of the B E S T pans I’ve ever used….GREEN PANS.

The Magic Bullet which I use for my smaller smoothie, pancake, and sneaky veggie sauce jobs.

These CHEEKY (and hilarious) Oven Mitts.

A $50 Gift Card of your choice from Amazon, Costco, Trader Joes OR Whole Foods.

The PERFECT set white bowls that’ll gotcha #thatbowllife ready!

To those of you that snagged yourself a copy of the book….a most heartfelt thanks….your support means T H E absolute most!! Here’s to a wonderful week, Gang….see you in the kitchen! Sign up below to ENTER TO WIN the above goodies!


What healthy recipes are you most excited to try in That Bowl Life? Let me know in a comment below!

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