The Love of the Bowl

Were you the kid that didn’t like her food to touch? ‘Tis not I! I’ve always loved mixing up my EATS. Food served in a bowl naturally combines different flavors into new and fun combos. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I look for new combinations of food to try and new bowls to add to my collection. Bowls come in a slew of fun and festive colors and prints. From Anthropologie to the Amalfi Coast, my bowl collection spans the gamut. I consider them the stackable bracelets of the kitchen! When I started #thatbowlife, shortly after I had Calvin, I typically only had one hand to eat and minutes to spare. It was easier to scoop food out of a bowl, rather than wrestling with it on a plate. And if it saves time, while filling the belly, I’m here for it! Bowls are the unsung heroes of your kitchen. And let’s face it, they also line up quite nicely in the dishwasher……

And since we all have a little more time in the kitchen on our hands, I wanted to share not only some of my FAVORITE THAT BOWL LIFE RECIPES (above), but also the kitchen gear and gadgets I S W E A R by!

First up, and I cannot stress how insanely good these are…my GREEN POTS AND PANS.….they’re incredible. I’ve pretty much cooked all the things in these babies and not only do my dishes turn out Grade A, but they’re a BREEZE to clean…and they don’t have all that harmful nonsense! Cannot recommend them enough.

Knives. I got a TON of questions on how I was able to slice my potatoes so thin the other night and the easy answer…these KNIVES. They’re fantastic and get the job done right time after time! They’re definitely an investment but they’ll last you for a L O N G time. Nonnie got me THESE forever ago and I still have and LOVE them….affordable alternative!

While I do love my Vitamix, if I’m being honest, I use my Magic Bullet WAY MORE…pancakes, smoothies, sneaky veggie sauce…..this thing is a constant in my kitchen. And wallet friendly, too!

These Oven Mitts….no explanation needed….they’re awesome. You can be as inappropriate as you’d like ; )

My FAVE BOWLS. I’ve got a couple faves but COSTCO (I got in store) has some amazing white ones, these are a wonderful ALTERNATIVE, West Elm has some fun ones, as does ANTHRO…my most treasured bowls are the ones we got in Italy last year. Perfect for Pasta! These little nuggets are great for Snacky Plates, too! A perfect Complement to the bowls….these WINE GLASSES…use these on the regular…and they’re ON SALE!

As for the recipes listed above, we made the Chicken and Waffles last night and oh man was it G O O D…comfort food at its finest!! The Break Bowl is inspired by our favorite breakfast spot in Breckenridge, and the Spicy Paloma….well, let’s just say it’s our unanimously loved libation. And on a side, much more important, note…..Thus far you all have collectively helped raise $2000 (which equates to food for 10,000–simply amazing) for Gleaners of organization whose mission is to fight hunger. I wanted to keep the charitable trend going….therefore, when you purchase the BUNDLE COOKBOOK, I’ll be donating the proceeds from the digital portion to BStrong, Bethenny Frankel’s charitable organization…they’re getting hospital supplies to those organizations in need as well as food to children who rely on school meals. If you’d like to purchase the Digital Download and Hardback, you may do so HERE…and a huge thank you for your continued support–the hardbacks will be shipping in TWO WEEKS pending no issues with you know what #covid. Be well, Gang….stay safe…and home ; )

Have you bought your own copy of The Bowl Life yet? Let me know in a comment below!

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