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Trust me when I say, there were Q U I T E a few less than stellar habits I picked up during quarantine (eh ehem chocolate filled croissants in bed nightly)…but life is all about balance, am I right?  And so with the naughty habits I implemented, I’m also happy to report I instilled some healthy ones too thanks to morning meditation, Sunday Self Care days, and Global Healing to name a few.  I’ve said it before, but I’m notoriously an inconsistent vitamin taker.  But mama is in her forties and so I don’t have the luxury of dilly dallying when it comes to optimizing my health
from the inside out.  In search of a quality probiotic, I was first turned onto Global Healing when I started taking Floratrex ..and I am absolutely loving it. 

Global Healing

Global Healing supports digestion, nutrient absorption, and promotes a strong immune system… S O L D.  And since becoming a fan of Floratrex, I
started dabbling in a few other offerings from Global Healing.  The Turmeric with antioxidants for Skin Health, B-12 for energy, and the wildly popular Oxy-Powder…admittedly, this one took me a little convincing but after seeing my gals Jenna Crandall and Living with Landyn (and a ton of you all) rave about it…i took the plunge and dangit if it doesn’t W O R K (I started out with 2 pills daily and worked my way up to 4 several times a week).  Also worth mentioning, Global Healing products are non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, and no animal testing.  Needless to say, I’m gonna carry this habit through the summer and beyond….the nightly “clouds” as I so affectionately call them….we’ll save those babies for a special occasion. 
Sharing my current Global Healing goodies, plus a few others I’ll be adding to the rotation below.  Feel free to use code BETH15 for 15% off….Y’all have a great start to your Friday….make it a good one! This post was sponsored by Global Healing

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