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If you’re an old school s + s’er then you probably remember when I used to organize and style closets as a fun side gig when I lived in Lexington. I prided myself on being able to get a good purge and organizational system in place for my clients….and I L O V E D the end result. Not only the physical product, but the look of peace and happiness on my clients’ faces when they had an airy well organized space. But what’s that saying, “Do as I say, and not as I do,” um yea, well that totally applies to my closets (I use the term “closets” loosely as my second space is currently our attic), because while I know the peace of mind and just overall sense of happiness and productivity that comes from a well organized space….I can’t seem to encourage the purge when it comes to my own closet layout organization……that is until my gal pal and organizing guru, MILISSA FROM KEEP IT NEAT INDY, pays the Chappo Household a visit.

Closet Layout Organization

I’ve said this umpteen times on stories, but she has a W A Y and I mean a W A Y of encouraging the purge like none other. And she does so in the most non judgmental and practical way possible. Because we’re friends, she knows she can get a little more aggressive (READ: doesn’t put up with my shenanigans), but In all the spaces she’s organized in our home (I think we’re up to SEVEN), I’ve never once not been absolutely THRILLED with the end result….and I mean THRILLED. There is no better feeling than a freshly organized and functional space. For me personally, it encourages productivity…can’t quite explain it but my world just feels LIGHTER if that makes sense.

When we first started working together, MILISSA was a party of one…but since those in Indy and the surrounding areas have caught wind of just how amazing she is, she now has an incredible team of like minded women in tow…but rest assured, you’ll always have Zionsville’s very own Joanna Gaines at the helm of your household. A Nurse, turned Mother of Five, turned children’s clothing designer, Millisa has always been majorly into organization…..did you see that Mother of 5 part?!?! I’ll never forget the first time I dropped Chase off at her house to hang with her daughter Lyv and I spotted THE most incredible craft room and I thought, “Who is this woman and where in the hell did she come from?”

All this to say…organization is in her DNA and it shows when you see her finished product. The team will assess your space either in person or via vids and pics, shop for the organizational systems, and show up at your doorstep and get to work…..sometimes I’m there when they’re working, but honestly, most of the time I’m not and Milissa has a pile of Yes or No for me to go through when I get home……she just has an innate sense of what works….a space optimizer if you will. And if I haven’t convinced you of just how wonderful Keep It Neat Indy is…well, here’s what’ll seal the deal….T H E most particular man in town, who has something to say about everything, the man I Love Dearly, Mr. Johnny Chappo, was BEYOND impressed the first time she edited my closet….and that is a testament to KEEP IT NEAT INDY in and of itself.

If you’d like to book a consult or session, please head HERE…tell ’em Beth Chappo sent you for 10% off your first session. Feel free to check out some of my fave organizing items below…….I’ll end with her mantra, “Make Room for What Matters Most.” Make it a good one, Gang.

What does your closet layout look like? Let me know in a comment below!

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