The Multivitamin My Whole Fam Loves

First Women, Then Men, and now….. RITUAL is available for T E E N S! Considering I’ve been on a consistent regimen since the beginning of quarantine, we got Johnny on the Men’s Ritual Capsules, and now Sis is in the mix–I’d say we are big fans! Want to know the 411 on why our fam loves RITUAL?? Let’s dive right in…

Ritual Vitamin Review

Chaser hopped on the Ritual vitamin bandwagon a few weeks ago…..The minty multivitamin for teen girls 13-17 helps fill nutrient gaps in their diets with Omega-3 DHA and chelated Iron.  Important to note, Ritual doesn’t contain major food allergens as sis has a severe allergy. And here’s the even better news….9 key ingredients to help fill gaps in women’s diets….Vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten and major allergen-free…no shady additives, fillers….Ritual prioritizes transparency (shows nutrient forms, dosages, & supplier info). In addition to the aforementioned qualities, I’ve been loving Ritual as it’s the O N L Y vitamin regimen (aside from prenatals–which btw many s + s readers swear by the RITUAL PRENATALS) that I’ve CONSISTENTLY stuck with….I can take while fasting….2 pills once daily….and no funky aftertaste. I went ahead and bundled Johnny & Chase onto my order that way we don’t skip a beat and I ensure we stay on top of our self care.  Y’all have a great start to your day….make it a great one!

This post was sponsored by Ritual.  All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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