The Self Care Strategy with Equilibria

Pretty certain we would all agree 2020 possessed some major challenges for most, if not all. But as we close out an unprecedented year, I’m reminded of the many blessings that came from this year….one of which, for me personally, was a more committed focus to self care. If there was ever a year where I believe self care was critical, I’m thinkkkkking 2020 wins the award. From moments of solitude and meditating, to monthly appointments with my therapist, consistent work out routines, unplugging/recharging, self care/skin care Sundays chock full of masking and a warm bath with THESE INCREDIBLE BATH SALTS, a consistent vitamin regimen, and the MVP, my Equilibria regimen. Needless to say, I am V E R Y thankful I had a consistent Equilibria routine heading into 2020 as I’m very very certain it played a vital role in maintaining my mental balance, improved rest, and stress management. Which is why today I’m choosing to talk about self care with Equilibria and why it’s such a game changer.

Self Care with Equilibria

Johnny and I both have been devoted Equilibria fans since the fall of 2019. As you can imagine, his job as a physician, specifically heading up the Covid ICU at his hospital, has posed moments of extreme stress and fatigue so even more than myself, I’ve been so thankful he had a consistent Equilibria routine this year….PS, he’s a big fan of the droppers at night for sleep. PPS, I receive many questions regarding his usage of Equilibria as it relates to drug testing….I highly encourage you to head to EQ’s LEARN page as it addresses TONS of valuable FAQs…including this one.

For me personally, Equilibria gives the gift of incredibly sound sleep and B A L A N C E ie: I find I don’t feel as edgy or stressed with challenges that would normally elevate my stress levels…..B A L A N C E D. And because I not only love the products but the badass female owned company as a whole, I was thrilled when they introduced several new products this year including DAILY TREATMENT OIL, HOLIDAY GIFT SETS, and my BELOVED BATH SALTS….legit a dream with a warm bath and a good book…self care at its finest! I share all this as a reminder if you’re wanting to devote more time to Y O U in 2021….if a goal is to improve upon your self care routine, I HIGHLY encourage you to give Equilibria a go….there’s so many benefits beyond balance and sleep…..their DOSAGE EXPERTS can indeed get you up to speed, help you customize a dosing regimen, and answer any questions that you may have. My biggest piece of advice….REMAIN CONSISTENT…consistency is K E Y which is why John and I have the BRILLIANCE BOX SUBSCRIPTION…that way we never find ourselves in a pickle and without my capsules and his dropper. Also feel free to read PREVIOUS POSTS regarding my EQ JOURNEY….and use code SEERSUCKERANDSADDLES for 15% off site wide for first timers! It’s been wonderful receiving countless messages and bits of feedback from readers sharing how Equilibria has improved their lives…I’m right there with you friends….it will undoubtedly continue to be a huge part of my self care routine heading into the new year. Cheers to your weekend, Gang….the big day is just around the corner…wishing you a weekend of relaxation and tying up loose ends!! Happy Holidays, Friends!

This post was sponsored by Equilibria. All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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