Health & Wellness in 2021

It’s been a long damn time since I’ve properly shared (on the blog that is) my health & wellness routine. Considering we’re about 4 weeks into the New Year and I’ve switched up my nutrition and kicked my fitness routine up a notch, I figured I’d share a little update with you all. But lemme back it up first……

Health and Wellness Tips

Quarantine hits last year, right? Up until this point my workout routines were consistent with a mixture of training sessions with Mark Morgan and Solidcore….I was keeping my nutrition up to speed for the most part…until I wasn’t. But that was A-OK for me…most definitely did not beat myself up about it, but rather, quite enjoyed it. Here’s the deal, we all were managing many moving parts, emotions, changes, fears, etc last year–the year of the pivot no doubt….and a stack of Oreos and a full glass of Skim Milk was what mama wanted at the end of the day, ya know? But then the pants feel uncomfy, I feel uncomfy and blah, energy level is meh, digestion is double meh, and I’ll be 42 this year so it’s super important for me to fuel and nourish my body with good stuff….and the occasional Oreo of course. So as December approaches, my assistant says she wants to sign up for #FWTFL in January and I think, well what the hell….no time like the present, I’ve been gluttonous for long enough I suppose, we can be accountability buddies, I can cook for us while we work during the day….and after a 10 month hiatus, I (re)joined #FWTL

Fast Forward to the last day in January…..about 4 weeks into the PROGRAM and I F E E L really great. It’s funny, this round has been different from my previous rounds because it was much more about how I want to FEEL….less about the physical. Well I’m happy to report, I feel healthy. I feel more energized. I know how wonderful exercise is for my mental health, which trickles down positively to my family. I KNOW I’m nourishing my body with WAY more veggies and WAY less processed foods than I was last year…and a residual bonus, my pants feel comfy again. Honestly speaking, unlike when I was turning 40 and was on this mad mission to be in the best shape ever, I have no one specific goal in mind other than to stay consistent and allow for some fun too….and maybe build a little more muscle but that’s Mark’s job….which thanks to him, I DO feel stronger and my endurance has definitely increased thanks to our weekly training sessions and our WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY live workouts (above pics were from one of our Wednesday classes….45 mins jam packed with strength training & HIIT and DJ GNO who plays THE BEST jams).

For those that are new around here and may not know what exactly #FWTFL is…..I’ve got quite a few previous posts including my first postpartum round as I’ve done the program since 2016…but I’ll give you the shortened version…The FASTer Way to Fatloss is an online fitness and nutritional program that incorporates Macro Tracking, Carb Cycling, and Intermittent fasting. For me, it taught me how to properly fuel my body (which you’ll be amazed how much we eat….this is absolutely NOT a DEPRIVATION situation). If your interest is peaked and you’d like a little more in depth info, I would definitely encourage you to head to THIS POST where I address my most commonly asked questions and share my first postpartum progress picture where my sole focus was nutrition (I was nursing, too, which is a very commonly asked question). Bottom Line, I was ready to get back in a healthier rhythm this year and thanks to both the #FWTFL and my consistent workouts with Mark Morgan, I am in a really great groove. Sharing my progress pictures below–these are EXACTLY FOUR WEEKS APART. I tried my absolute best to do the exact same angles and lighting in both sets of photos. A round of #FWTFL starts up TOMORROW FEB 1st…it’s prep week so you’ll have time to get your ducks in a row. If you register using THIS LINK and would like a complimentary copy of my DIGITAL COOKBOOK, please send your registration confirmation to [email protected] and I’ll get a copy sent over to you within the next 48 hours! Have a wonderful Sunday, Gang….we FINALLY have snow that STUCK so our plan is to go sledding! Make it a great one!

1/3/21 vs 1/31/21

All images four weeks apart
left image at night; however, same bathroom lighting & ring light

What health and wellness tips are you following this year? Let me know in a comment below!

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