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With a new year comes new goals, dreams, aspirations… possibly a new get up to achieve said goals, make you feel race ready to tackle, you get my drift. And I’d like to think I’m bringing you a little new news for 2021 but fact of the matter is, if you’ve visited these pages for any length of time, you already know I’m a steady lululemon fan…..have been since 2009 to be exact. I can still remember wearing my very first pair of WUNDER UNDER FLARES to pure barre and wondering where the hell they’d been my whole life!?!? B U T while that may not be a newsflash, I’ll tell you what is…..THESE JOGGERS from lululemon….they are L E G I T my friends. I’ve been a fan of the ALIGN JOGGERS for quite some time and while these are equally as great, they give off a more polished vibe. I’m a sucker for a good athleisure look, I mean who isn’t after last year, and THESE JOGGERS paired with this LONG SLEEVED TOP (which the ruching is surprisingly quite flattering) and CROPPED VEST keep me feeling comfy while still feeling pulled together!! Topped off with the cutest BELT BAG and you can pretty much tackle all the daily things!! I went ahead and kept my true sizes across the board….4 bottoms, 6 up top…something I love about lululemon is their sizing remains consistent across the board. And if I may lend a little piece of advice that I’ve found works for me should one of your goals be fitness related…….treat yourself to a pair of ALIGN LEGGINGS and your favorite TOP from lululemon…..can’t quite explain it, but I always feel a bit more motivated to tackle my workout when I feel good in my workout threads! Cheers to your weekend my friends…..feel free to sneak a peek at some of my heavily rotated lululemon threads below.  

Lululemon Leggings and Apparel

What Lululemon leggings or apparel are you currently loving? Let me know in a comment below!

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