The Family That Snacks Together…

You can feel it.  They walk into the kitchen.  Start browsing around the pantry.  Opening the fridge.  Standing there in silence….and then….those five dreaded words, “Mom, there’s nothing to eat.”  And I’ve heard this phrase for quite some time as I myself used to mutter those exact words to Nonnie…so this is karma at its finest I suppose.  But fear not fellow moms whose kids don’t use their eyes and creativity when in the kitchen….I’ve got us covered. 

Walmart Wellness Hub

Enter WALMART WELLNESS HUB….a one stop shop for all things related to wellness, upping our NUTRITIONAL SNACKING GAME, and such.  It’s funny, as much as the aforementioned complaint annoys the heck out of me, I also find myself using it as an opportunity to have a little creative fun in the kitchen—and I’ve got some nutritional goals for myself this year so I’ll play along with the healthier snacks, too!  For example, display some of WALMART WELLNESS HUB snacks on a fun CHARCUTERIE BOARD (this one has rave reviews with a great price tag btw)….I’m talking ANNIE’S GUMMY BUNNIES (Calvin’s Personal Fave), VEGGIE STRAWS, and NATURE’S BAKERY FIG BARS…toss them into these DARLING LITTLE CERAMIC BOWLS and then fill the gaps with their favorite fruits, cheese sticks, RICE CRACKERS, pepperoni, or homemade trail mix (Chase & Calvin have tree nut allergies so I mix peanuts, dark chocolate chips, pretzels, and craisins). 

You’d be amazed how the, “we have nothing to eat,” turns into, “wow this looks so good!”  Play your snacky plate cards right and you just mayyyyyy get out of making lunch……or dinner.  And that’s the beauty of the WALMART WELLNESS HUB….tons of tasty, healthier options at a great price point and fast delivery so you can stay on point with your 2021 wellness goals…sold and sold!  Sneak a peek below at some of our favorite snack options from WALMART below.  Cheers to your Friday, Gang….make it a great one!  

This post was sponsored by Walmart.  All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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