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Earlier last year, I stumbled upon COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD after several of my gal pals (who have skincare backgrounds) were raving about several of their products.  Since that time, I’ve incorporated THREE products into my current skin care regimen that I swear by…lucky for us there’s a Colleen Rothschild BOGO 50% off (code LUCKY50) so I figured no better time to break down my tried and true trio from CR.  The MVP, in my opinion, is the GLYCOLIC PEEL PADS….they’ve definitely played a role in minimizing my driver side spots and improving my skin’s texture.  Don’t forget to swipe your hands, neck, and décolleté. These have a tendency to sell out so don’t hesitate should they be on your wishlist!  I truly can’t choose between the second and third as they’re both equally fab for your skin! The HYDRATING MASK is awesome for getting a super dose of moisture…..I absolutely love the texture and smell and I tend to wear it overnight to get more bang for my buck.  I also wore before my early morning flight last week and I definitely think it helped my skin survive that awful airplane air!  Last but not least, the MICROMINERAL SCRUB is S U C H a great exfoliator.  I like to mix it with my cleanser for a little extra boost……then I’ll follow up with the beloved GLYCOLIC PADS.  If you’ve been in the market for any of the above, or if you’ve been eyeing COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD and yet to pull the trigger….no better time than the present while the BOGO 50% off sale is underway!  Cheers to your Tuesday, Gang….make it a great one!

Colleen Rothschild BOGO

This post was sponsored by Colleen Rothschild.  All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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