Garage Glow Up

Nothing makes Johnny’s heart happier than a tidy garage….. Well, correction, a tidy fully customized, organized, and optimally functioning garage.  And I can literally take ZERO credit for this as it was all him from start to finish- bc if you’ve ever seen the inside of my car… know I barely give two **** about keeping it or where it’s housed tidy. But I’ve gotta say….this space is pretty amazing and I owe it all to him. Ok so I think because there are so many details, I’m going to keep the garage make over inventory list simplified and number it up that way y’all can easily find what you’re looking for. No need to belabor the point that we’ve maximized its space and function and my husband is as happy as a pig in sh*t….pretty certain you significant other would be too should y’all tackle your garage!  One little area in the corner we are awaiting a cabinet but other than that, Here goes it:

Our Garage Make Over

Flooring is obsessed garage which Johnny custom cut to fit our space. Johny loves watching this dude chat all things garage….me, not so much ; )

All garage goodies and tools can be found through my Amazon Storefront (subcategory ‘Johnny’)….alright, gang, thanks for your patience as it took me entirely too long to post up this bad boy but hopefully it’ll give y’all some good garage Inspo….happy weekend!

Have you ever tackled a garage make over? Let me know in a comment below!

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