Sep 21

How to be Confident

We’e going to dive a little deep today.  Don’t fret, we’ll definitely hit up these fabulous fall pieces from Evereve, but before we talk about the outside…I want to focus on the inside.  Let’s chat C O N F I D E N C E.  Some may claim that confidence comes from our outwardly appearance, but I beg to differ.  I whole heartedly believe confidence stems from within.  Personally, my confidence has been molded by my life’s experiences

Sep 12

Work It – Ann Taylor Work Clothes

While my medical sales days of business casual attire are long gone, I still have opportunities where a more professional look is appropriate.  If meeting with brands or businesses, the ole’ workout wear and dresses with sneaks looks ain’t gonna cut it!!  Enter Ann Taylor’s work wear selection.  Whether you’re in a more formalized office setting or an environment that allows for a fabulous blazer and jeans kinda vibe, Ann Taylor truly has SUCH a great selection for every working woman

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Calvin’s Birthday

How does the saying go…..”If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”  Well, it seems that on October 14, 2017 both God and Calvin had a good chuckle!  Hang tight on this newborn story gang, she’ll be personal, emotional, and a touch lengthy but  I’ll wrap it up with some of my favorite shots from the day.

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Sep 04

Fit Flex Fly

Six months, three weeks, six days, and seven hours until I turn F O R T Y….but who’s counting?  Me, dangit.  I’ve been counting from the moment I hit 39.  Not because I’m in a full fledge meltdown at the thoughts of leaving my thirties and entering a new, seemingly scarier, decade–hell, that took place during my 37th year.  Nope.  Forties truly don’t freak me out at all.  Rumor has it they trump your thirties because you R E A L L Y have not one single E F F to give and truly GET what life is all about and then some.  I’ve, in fact, been counting down the days until my next decade because I’ve got lofty goals as I vow to make 40 my best year yet.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually….you name it…I’ve got it on the wishlist

Sep 03 + Beth's Roundup

Labor Day Sales

It’s unofficially fall as September is in full swing which means it’s the PERFECT time to stock up on some Labor Day Sale goodies!  I linked items that are interchangeable and will be perfect foundational pieces for fall.  Cheers to your Labor Day, Gang!

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Such a great layering piece and a fab discounted price.  Would be great paired with #2 and #3.


4.5 stars and 102 reviews says these skinnies are worth the sale price tag!


I absolutely love the color and toe on these wear everywhere bootie!!  Perfect with #2 or a fall midi dress!


Camel.  Hoodie.  Sweater.  Sale.  Yes.  Please.  Ordered.


A Muled Leo Loafer–what’s not to love?


I’m absolutely loving not only the Fringe Deets on this sweater, but the price tag, too!


Yet another great layering piece for the fall….and it’s camo so need I say more?


A perfect basic with a twist.  Literally.

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Sep 02

The [ solidcore ]

I remember when my gal pal, Erin, was yip yapping last winter about [solidcore]  and I was all knee deep in the FWTFL workouts, having great success and quite frankly, I wasn’t down with pilates as I like to get a little messy (aka sweaty) when I workout.  I FINALLY bit the bullet last February, and so with my mindset all, “This will be a breeze….I bet I’ll barely sweat…..I’ll probably be bored….the things I do for Erin,” I entered the darkened room filled with a handful of Sweatlana’s aka Mega Reformers and braced myself for something I was certain I’d easily tackle.  Um, how ’bout I got served the BIGGEST SLICE OF HUMBLE PIE….like ever

Aug 29 + Beth's Roundup

The Fall Forecast

Fall is right around the corner which means it’s a perfect time to spruce up our fall wardrobes.  I’m sharing some of my top must haves for the FALL…some I’ve already snagged…the rest I have on my radar!  Cheers to your weekend, gang, make it a great one!

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At a superb price point, this Leo Bomber is so perfect for the fall.  I definitely plan on pairing ‘er with a graphic tee and my favorite Mom Jeans.


How perfect are these stripes??  With a Blouson sleeve, it’s equal parts feminine and sporty!


These jeans are my current denim crush…so much so it’s possible I’ve snagged multiples.  And a pair for Chase ; )


As a stand alone, belted, or layered under a chunky knit, this midi is one that will carry you all the way through the cooler months.


I scooped this up several months ago and I cannot W A I T to pair it with #3 and these kicks.  Oh and PS–it’s under $100!


The Bootie.  Probably one of the more versatile pieces in a closet.  This pair comes in several different shades and the toe is just perfect.  Sexy and sleek.


A (faux) F U R.  I’m on a mad hunt for the perfect colorful faux fur.  I’m over the moon for this one and these stripes #praisehands.


Oversized and Checks.  The perfect boyfriend blazer is a M U S T for the fall.


I have a sneaking suspicion wide leg trousers are going to be all the rage this season which is why this plaid pair is on my L I S T.


Saving the best for last.  While a splurge, y’all know my love of the Goose runs deep.  If looking to splurge this season, may I suggest a pair of THESE.

Aug 22

Pantry Organization Ideas

Look when you’re married to a gal whose job is dealing clothes all day errrday, it would make sense that an extra coat closet would be in order, right?  But what about when same gal has a major obsession with cooking and all things Trader Joe’s, Costco, and the like?  A bit of a conundrum wouldn’t you say?  Well, we made a game time decision to forgo the extra coat closet and turn that little slice into a PANTRY

Aug 19

Bunk Room Ideas

A Bright and Cheery spot for our Bright and Bubbly Gal!  We’re chatting up Roo’s Bunk Room today and how this space makes the entire fam happy….most importantly Roo!  With all the decisions we made while designing our home, one was certain….Campbell wanted a Bunk Room