Mar 30

The Love of the Bowl

Were you the kid that didn’t like her food to touch? ‘Tis not I! I’ve always loved mixing up my EATS. Food served in a bowl naturally combines different flavors into new and fun combos. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I look for new combinations of food to try and new bowls to add to my collection. Bowls come in a slew of fun and festive colors and prints. From Anthropologie to the Amalfi Coast, my bowl collection spans the gamut. I consider them the stackable bracelets of the kitchen…..

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Mar 24

WFH with Anthropologie

Raise your hand if your spaces have completely done a 180 in the past week (read: all hands across America R A I S E). Whether it’s moon sand overtaking my living room, a bounce house in my basement, or my kiddos now setting up shop in my office for their homeschooling, I’d say we’ve all watched our spaces….um how shall I say it…transform over the past few days….and you know, I’m quite alright with it….ain’t no point in sweating the small stuff am I right? Glass half full as I feel very blessed and thankful to have a comforting space during this time. I thought given the newfound popularity of my office these days, it would be fun to do a little tour and showcase some of Anthropologies’s WFH cozy goodness….

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Calvin’s Birthday

How does the saying go…..”If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”  Well, it seems that on October 14, 2017 both God and Calvin had a good chuckle!  Hang tight on this newborn story gang, she’ll be personal, emotional, and a touch lengthy but  I’ll wrap it up with some of my favorite shots from the day.

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Mar 09

That Bowl Life

To the Seersucker Readers…Man, where do I begin? It’s safe to say this little cooking stint would not be in existence without you all. EIGHT YEARS of support from you led me to this point, and I’m truly grateful for our community. Thank you for the journey, Gang….It’s been THE most remarkable ride. You’ve made it a great one…..

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Mar 05

Spring Goodness from Evereve

Spring Breakers Rejoice!! Evereve’s Spring collection is out and it is chock full of fabulous vacation ready gems ON SALE! I scooped up quite a few goodies for upcoming travel, but some of my favorites are definitely pictured above. This TIE DYE KIMONO is the one to beat B E C A U S E not only can you wear it over denim, shorts, or even a fitted dress…..but it doubles as a beach cover up and BONUS..takes up next to no suitcase real estate…..

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Feb 29 + Beth's Roundup

BOGO with Victoria Emerson

If you’re stack obsessed like Yours Truly, well are we in luck because Victoria Emerson is having a BOGO FREE situation happening NOW!

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More is More when it comes to these darling Enamel Stackers.  You can’t have just ONE!


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Dressed up or down…these beauties don’t discriminate.  Take em’ out on the town day or night!


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Colorful Wraps??  Yes, Please!  Don’t be afraid to double up and mix and match these beauties.


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Wrap ’til your heart’s content!  These boho beauties are so fun to pile on up…and bonus…they’re BOGO FREE!

Feb 24

The Beauty Movement

A reader asked me last week if I was using Beautycounter exclusively…and to her surprise….I am not (Full disclosure, I’m pretty close but we will get to that later in the post). Her response, “Oh I’m so glad to hear that because the thought of switching ALL my products to a SAFER SKINCARE LINE is super overwhelming!” And I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always approached this process of bringing safer products into our household with a “progress over perfection” mindset, that every little bit lessens my family’s toxic load, and I’ll never get it perfect (I may have just eaten my lunch out of Tupperware)…so let’s not set ourselves up to fail, right? B U T I do believe little changes MAJORLY ADD UP in a positive manner over time…

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Jan 28

Out and About with Backcountry

‘Tis January, the temps are still chilly, and this little rambunctious toddler tends to get A N T S Y if I don’t get him a dose of fresh air.  And so does mom if I’m being honest!  With that in mind, it’s kinda essential to get us out and about regardless of the temps….which ain’t no thang thanks to BACKCOUNTRY’S killer selection of outdoor goods…. no truly….their selection whether you’re in the market to SKI, SWIM, or HIKE….is so so G O O D…..

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