Aug 01 + Beth's Roundup

FASTer Way to Fatloss Recipes

Sharing some of my favorite seersucker FASTer Way to Fatloss Recipes.  Bowl it Up!  425 degrees x 25 minutes unless stated otherwise.  Everything But the Bagel (EBB).  Always.  Siracha Ranch.  Definitely Always.  Trader Joe’s Haul here. Happy Macro Tracking!


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Spicy Shrimp & Spring Mix Salad.

Shrimp w/TJs Chili Lime.  Spring Mix.  Avocado.  Sliced Apples & Bell Pepper.  Homemade Dressing Apple Cider Vinegar.  Siracha.  Honey.  Mix in Magic Bullet.


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Low Carb Shrimp & (Cauliflower) Grits

TJ’s Argentinian Shrimp seasoned with Chili Lime.  Mashed Cauliflower.  Mix in Goat Cheese to thicken Cauliflower.  Drizzle with Siracha Ranch.


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Grilled Chix & Cauliflower Gnocchi

Weber Grill Season.  Chicken.  TJ’s Cauli Gnocchi.  Saute olive oil, butter, garlic (NO WATER).  Saute Spinach.  Sprinkle Lemon over dish.   Top with Shaved Parm.


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Granola Bowl

Layer Greek Yogurt.  Granola.  Berries.  Banana.  Drizzle Honey.  Great Regular or Low Macro Snack.


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Black & Bleu Bowl

TJ’s sirloin steak tips.  Roasted Sweet Potato and broccoli (toss in olive oil and chili lime).  Layer on top of cauliflower rice or TJ’s veggie rice.  Top with bleu cheese.


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Arugula Steak Salad

Baby arugula dressed with lemon, olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper.  TJs sirloin steak tips.  Roast grape tomato with olive oil, sea salt, pepper.  Top with bleu cheese.


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Kitchen Sink Salad

Clean out the fridge!  Chicken season w/Weber Grill.  Avocado.  Strawberry.  Roasted Sweet Pots & Brussels.  Baby Spinach.  Balsamic.  Rice Cake Crumbles.


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Crispy Salmon & Arugula

Baked Salmon coated in Weber Grill Seasoning (google temps).  Arugula dressed in lemon, EVOO, sea salt, pepper.  Roasted Colored Cauliflower.


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One Pan Sausage

Roast TJ’s Sausage (apple/gouda is my fave), sweet potato, apples w/cinnamon, broccoli, any veg!  Bowl it Up!


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Mom’s “Snacky Plate”

Johnny’s Fave!  Grab a platter and fill with fruit, pepperoni, cheeses, my favorite Costco crackers, dark chocolate….and if it fits in your macros….V I N O!


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Stuffed Avocado

Take either Tuna or Crab Salad (Lump crab, pico de Gallo, lime juice), score and remove avocado, fill with salad and V O I L A!


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Seersucker Signature Bowl

A staple in my diet!  Grill/bake/saute chic (coated in Weber Grill), ROAST ALL THE VEGGIES!  Toss in EVOO, EBB, 425 x 25 mins, add FETA, SIRACHA RANCH.


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Buffalo Chicken Salad

Saute chicken tenderloins.  Toss in Franks Hot Sauce and a hint of melted butter.  Shred and layer with baby spinach and bleu cheese.


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Tropical Protein Smoothie

Simple and DELISH.  Trader Joe’s Frozen Tropical Fruit Medley (freezer section) and Collagen Peptides.  Voila…dessert in a cup!


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Ezekiel Baked Chicken Fingers

Chicken Tenderloins.  Dip in Egg Wash and (homemade Ezekiel breadcrumbs, parm cheese).  Bake roughly 425 x 16 mins (flip 1/2 way).  Serve with veggies/quinoa.


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Steak & Eggs

Pan fry TJ’s sirloin steak tips season with TJ’s chili lime.  Over Medium Egg.  Saute Kale and Mushrooms.  Add roasted sweet pots if reg macro day.


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Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken

3-4 chicken breasts.  TJ’s salsa Verde.  Can of black beans & corn. Cook in crockpot for 4 hrs if thawed, 8 hrs if frozen.  Cauli rice, avocado, jalapeños, feta, sriracha ranch.