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August, 17, 2016 • Style

The Floral Midi

It's been a while since I've sported a fairly bold print mix, but how can you not when you've got this Gorgeous Floral Midi as your backdrop...

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August, 15, 2016 • Style

The Backpack

So the bunnies aren't the only ones that snagged some new back-to-school goodies. Couldn't resist getting my hands on the Abbey Backpack from Gigi New York...

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August, 12, 2016 • Style

Crisp and Classic

There's something so effortless about a Shirtdress don't you think? Pair it with this absolutely gorgeous Terracotta Bag...

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August, 11, 2016 • Style

Go for Bow

Goodness, gang, can I just say a big T H A N K Y O U for all the Wedding Love?! So so very sweet and I'm so happy and thankful y'all have been along for the ride...

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August, 10, 2016 • Family, Style

Our Day

Oh goodness, gang, this is no doubt my favorite post to compose thus far. She's gonna be a detailed one, but I'll try to keep you engaged..........

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