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September, 22, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Camo Craze

One thing's for certain...I'm a creature of habit.  Correction, I'm a C A M O creature of habit.  Denim, Tees, Sweaters like this beauty from 8fifteen Indy, or Jackets---if there's a way to sport the military--sign me up...

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September, 20, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Forever Classics

In honor of their 70th Birthday, one of my fave brands I've long worn and partnered with, TALBOTS, has created a Collection of Iconic Pieces...one from each decade of their story.  I'll give y'all one guess which decade I pulled from....none other than The B E S T Decade.....the 80s #duh...

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September, 19, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Routine

Today we're gonna be chatting up more products that I've been using and loving as of late for my mug and bod.  You may recall my Safer Skincare Post a while back and today will be a little deeper dive on that exact topic...

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September, 16, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Weekender Wear

Cheers to the Weekend, Gang!  I wanted to chat up some of my fave weekender slash maternity slash postpartum wear as of late.  Don't fret non bumpers, none of these threads are maternity but definitely could be if you so choose...

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September, 12, 2017 Style

The Fall Finds

Alright, gang, we're gonna do a little shopping haul on today's post and chat up some of my recent scores in preparation for fall as well as items I've got my eye on.  I'm breaking it down by category as these are the areas of interest I'm focusing on this season...

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September, 2, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Final Summer Sales

Well gang, we are almost at the end of our summer rope.  And with that in mind, I wanted to share both this summer look A N D some Labor Day Sales I've been clocking...

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September, 1, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Best Vest

One item that continually gets the layering job done season after season is none other than the V E S T.  Military Inspired, Denim, or Sweater...a vest is a fantastic staple item for our closets...

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