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January, 20, 2017 Style

The Bootcamp Part Two

Alright, gang, you've asked, and I'm gonna do my darnedest to answer! For some this may be the sounds of me beating a dead horse; however, how can I not continually share a program that has truly changed me for the healthier...the happier....the stronger...the B E T T E R....

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January, 16, 2017 Style

Pink Loves Leo

But then again, what/who doesn't love L E O ? Y'all know based on my history, there ain't a damn thang I won't pair with L E O. And this pink sweater is clearly no exception...

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January, 13, 2017 Style

Suede the Sneaks

Talk about a wear everywhere kinda Jacket! I snagged this suede beauty in Gray (sadly sold out) and just knew I had to get the toffee shade, too....it's that good, gang...

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January, 11, 2017 Style

The Stripes and Sneaks

Nothing like the impending Valentine's Holiday to get me all in the mood to sport red. Red Lip, Red Stripes, Red Laced Sneaks...you name it, I'm into it! I've long been a lover of the casually polished look...

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January, 6, 2017 Style

The Bedtime Routine

One thing is for certain here in the Midwest. The winters are H A R S H. Read: My Skin takes a major beating. Think dry as a dang bone....

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