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June, 26, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Fourth Frock

Summer is officially in session which means 4th of July is R I G H T around the corner. In honor of the upcoming holiday, I wanted to share this, along with several other goodies, DRESS that is---wait for it kids---UNDER $20...

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June, 17, 2017 Style

The Saturday Sales

Why in the Sam Hell is it when you're able to sleep in you can't? Well, lucky for you gang, my early bird status means I've done a little sale scouting and came up with some fun summer gems...

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June, 13, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Maternity Must Haves

Ok, gang, this is going to be a long (hopefully informative one)....I've been composing a list of my Maternity Must Have's since finding out we're pregnant. This list is robust and random but it's truly the things I've found essential thus far--I'm skipping over the obvious Prenatals, Fruits, Veggies, Water, yada yada yada and getting a touch more specific. I'm sure it will evolve as the bod does, but for now let's get right to it...

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June, 11, 2017 Style

The Shoe Shop

With my waist line expanding at a rapid pace, there's one thing I can always count on. These babies will never fail me and forever fit...my beloved SHOES!!! I've seen too many to count as of late that I'd like to get my hands on so I wanted to round up a few of my recent purchases ...

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June, 9, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Embroidered Frock

I wore this DRESS when I F I R S T found out I was pregnant for a weekend in Lexington and the Horse Races. I've sported it a few times since then and I'm telling you, it's the perfect summer frock. The ease of the linen lends itself to the warmer weather while the embroidery adds just a special feminine touch...

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June, 7, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Spotted Shoulder

Nothing says summer time like crisp navy and White. Take it a step further and sport one of this season's biggest trends with the Cold Shoulder--this spotted number just so happens to be on S A L E...

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May, 31, 2017 Maternity, Style

The Golden Maxi

Can you tell that I'm over the moon for this Dress? Talk about something that just screams summer perfection, and this (non maternity) beauty from Yumi Kim is IT. Not only am I loving this maxi silhouette, but how adorable is this bustier number and this one piece...

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