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Calvin’s Birthday

How does the saying go…..”If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”  Well, it seems that on October 14, 2017 both God and Calvin had a good chuckle!  Hang tight on this newborn story gang, she’ll be personal, emotional, and a touch lengthy but  I’ll wrap it up with some of my favorite shots from the day.

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Nov 09

Calvin’s Bathroom Refresh with Walmart

Personally speaking, we have definitely found ourselves doing a few more DIY projects around the house this year because, well, 2020.  Everything from big overhauls in our garage to little fix it and improvements such as CALVIN’S PLAYROOM and most recently, sprucing up his bathroom.  I wanted to keep it minimal and clean but add a touch of personality with some of his sister’s artwork (his is currently hanging on our gallery wall).  I also wanted to make it easy on myself to tackle home projects, have my own tools on hand……

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Sep 23

Calvin’s Loft Refresh with Walmart Kids

This space has always been a very happy one with tons of natural lighting, windows, and the pitched ceiling but it hasn’t always been F U N C T I O N A L.  That is until we spruced it up with some adorable (and affordable) finds from the Walmart Kids Home section.  I knew Calvin needed a table for this space so he could color, build, and moon sand ‘til his heart’s content.  And I knew I wanted something modern while still being affordable because well, he’s a rowdy toddler so I’m sure it’ll take a lickin’…..

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