Aug 28

Chats With Calvin: How to Encourage your Toddler to Talk

Per our ‘convos’ on Instagram Stories, y’all know I have shared that we started Speech Pathology for Calvin. I won’t dive too deep as to the why or how, as I’ve mentioned before..parenting is sensitive, personal, and there’s no universal handbook for every family and child. You know your child B E S T. But after receiving an overwhelming response from you all with littles who may be experiencing a similar situation, and THE SWEETEST READER offering up some tips and tricks for us parents…I felt it was a disservice to not share with y’all….

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Calvin’s Birthday

How does the saying go…..”If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”  Well, it seems that on October 14, 2017 both God and Calvin had a good chuckle!  Hang tight on this newborn story gang, she’ll be personal, emotional, and a touch lengthy but  I’ll wrap it up with some of my favorite shots from the day.

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Aug 19

seersucker + mark morgan fitness

Hey Gang!! Y’all have been asking for a little @markmorganfitness at your fingertips (for over a year to be exact) and that’s exactly what #thatsweatlife delivers. For over a year, I have trained with Mark Morgan at his studio, Fit Flex Fly. Not only has he helped transform my physique and achieve my fitness goals, but he has done so in the most creative and fun environment I’ve ever experienced!
How ’bout a little back story on the guy that y’all see torturing, errr…training me on a weekly basis

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Aug 02

The Back to School Style Edition

The teachers are assigned, the lockers are filled, and thanks to Walmart’s next day delivery, the fresh back to school threads are in the girls’ closets.  Not gonna lie, I’m not one of those folks who loves back to school season as I truly enjoy the loose summer agenda and having the kiddos home, B U T snagging some cute threads from Walmart K I N D A got me into the BTS spirit……

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