Jul 12 + Beth's Roundup

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s a marathon, gang, not a sprint!  We’re talking all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Early Access is live for those that have a Nordstrom Card.  I’m keeping it (relatively) short and sweet and sharing what I snagged, a few things I own from last year, and some pieces that are still on my radar!  Happy Shopping, kids!

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Paired with the latter leather jacket and white booties, this beauty is gorgeous as a stand alone or layered under blazers, jackets, and cardis.  See how I styled it on stories!


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I was legit giddy when I tried these on yesterday.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect white bootie for ages….F O U N D.


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Speaking of bootie, this is the one to beat and why on earth I didn’t snag when I saw Hollie Woodward try on yesterday is beyond me.  Going back for seconds on this one!


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Alright, gang, if you’ve been in the market for a pair of Stuarts but reluctant to pull the trigger…here’s your chance!


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Gimme all that colored knitted goodness.  I am over the moon for this one…will pair it with these high waisters!


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You’ve heard it hear first, I claim these as one of the #nsale MVPs.


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We didn’t have this beauty in our store, but for the crazy good price tag, you’d better believe I snagged it first thing this morn!


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If you watched my training session at F3 yesterday, then you know it took me all of 2.2 secs to sport these bad boys.  Size up!


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On Wednesdays we wear pink.  With this boyfriend fit and price tag…hells bells…I’m sporting pink M-F!


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I think this bodysuit is a basic we should all have in our arsenal.  Under $50, and I plan on wearing the hell outta it!


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Another staple I snagged at last year’s #nsale….so versatile and cozy!


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I’ve been on a huge Levi’s kick as of late so you’d better believe these babies came home with me!


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Probably my most worn jacket in the winter.  It manages to be cozy and flattering…and WARM all in one!


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What all you soon to be mamas have been waiting for!!  The nuna travel system is on sale!  We have the TAVO and L O V E it!


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Yet another goodie so many of y’all have inquired about but weren’t quite ready for the price tag…..well, gang, now she’s most definitely worth it!   Consistency is key with this gadget, but man you can totally see a difference!


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So this is a new line I was introduced to yesterday.  Nordstrom’s exclusive line, I am loving all things Lewit!


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Speaking of Lewit…can we talk about how fun these stripes are?


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Platform Chucks?  Sold.


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At $150, these OTKs are a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe!!


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Every closet needs one…..the PERFECT WHITE TEE for $12!!


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First time trying this line and I have to say…I’m totally digging it!  I snagged this pair in Burgundy and matching sports bra!


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Another investment piece (man I love Veronica Beard) whose price tag is otherwise a tad salty…..perfect time to snag this gorgeous staple.


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I have these in plain black and you’d best believe I snagged this pair with LACES–they’re legit the B E S T black pants you’ll own!  #praisehands


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I have these bad boys on my wish—solid price tag for a designer pair of jeans!

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